venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

Sunday is Radio Spaceshuttle-Day 25th January

Radio Spaceshuttle will have new two hours transmission (test) on Sunday 25th January 2015, 13:00-15:00 UTC. We shall have simultaneous transmission  on 6035 kHz 49 mb AM and 9865 kHz 31 mb AM/SSB.

Program will include:
'Spaceshuttle's Archives Wide Open' some information and historical facts of Radio Spaceshuttle's actions throughout years.
'SpaceWarrior HotMix' various good music,
'FinnPop Extra' including some famous and partly rarities in Finnish language mostly!

I wish you to have fun with our programes also this time! Your repor ts are very welcome to our address in Herten:
Radio Spaceshuttle International
P.O.Box 2702
NL: 6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

 A little fee (2 euros) for return postage (for full info printed QSLs) is needed!

Quick responce and communication is possible By e-mail:

Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle