sabato 31 gennaio 2015

News of the week on 6070 kHz

Dear friends of Radio Channel 292,

We want to establish a regular section in our program:
Recordings of the Offshore Era, RNI, Veronica, Caroline, Laser, Atlantis etc.
We are on plan to run 1 to 3 hours each day, Monday till Friday, and from our listeners we want to know:
Which time of day would you prefer to listen to these recordings?
Please post here, or write to:

And, if some of you have recordings of these stations, we would be glad if you could send them in for broadcasting!
Especially recordings, not already to be downloaded from the net.
You can mail them, send it with Dropbox, or upload it to our server.

Thank you!

Radio Channel 292
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1