martedì 11 settembre 2012

Small Bulgarian DXPedition

Last week (from 5th to 9th September) I did a small DXPedition to my friend's DX Camp. It's a relatively QRM-free place in the mountian with a lot of room for beverage antennas. We used a Sony ICF-2010D with three 100 metres beverages and antenna switch:

1. 105 degrees to South Asia and Australia/New Zealand
2. 185 degrees to Africa
3. 305 degrees to Western Europe and the Eastern part of North America

We observed many stations, but we focussed mostly on the latest frequency changes of IBB, as well as we monitored the operation of Bangladesh Betar. We also observed WTWW, Nippon No Kaze, Furusato No Kaze, the Eritrea-Ethiopia and South-North Korea radio wars. Radio Australia, ABC Alice Springs and Radio New Zealand were coming in with huge signals on the 105 degrees beverage. On this antenna, stations like Sound Of Hope, Radio Free Sarawak, Khmer People Power Movement and the music program of WHRI on 11565 were also coming in with fair signals. During the evening hours, we heard plenty of low-power European pirates from the UK and the Netherlands. During the night and the morning hours, we logged many stations from North and South America. The morning hours also seemed to be the best time for receiving WWV Fort Colins on 10MHz, which we heard with a SINPO of 43444.

For more information about the DXPedition, such as logs and videos (around 100), please visit our blog at:

Ivo Ivanov
Georgi Bancov