giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Radio, Earthquakes & Sponsors

Earthquakes and Radio
22 Sponsors Needed!

During the past month cities in both New Zealand and Japan in our region have been shattered by terrible earthquakes..and we've been reminded again how vital radio is to help survivors at these times.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, we made a decision to put our normal operations on hold and closely monitor radio services in Christchurch, New Zealand after their killer quake on February 22.

Within a short time we concluded that existing services couldn't provide local news and welfare programs because they couldn't get to their studios [and still can't a month later] or they had been destroyed.

Our response was to organize the only available mobile radio studio in the island to relocate to New Brighton in the hardest hit eastern suburbs, and within 10 days of the idea, Radio New Brighton 102.1 FM was broadcasting live and local 24/7 to some shattered communities.

I'm delighted our board members from Australia, USA and the Netherlands responded so fast to support this decision.

I've just returned from a hectic 9 days there with Chris Diack from Classic Gold who shared our vision to bring a local radio station to these people and has pulled together a team of volunteers with Aaron Gardiner to bring hope back to people living in a city with a clouded future after some 20% of the population self-evacuated.

It's a long way from researching, writing and publishing stories about other radio stations and people, the daily activities we do to preserve our heritage for future generations. But this time we've become part of the story ourselves, and we've been honored to do so.

How long the station can continue we don't know. But with local community and business support, the city may have a new local voice as rebuilding lives, families and businesses slowly moves forward.

In the meantime, our overheads have continued to grow, and we are now about 45 days behind in meeting these expenses. If you're able to help us get back on track before March 31, will you do so today?

We need 22 people able to donate US$100 to bring us right up to date, or US$50 will cover one of those 45 days we're behind...

Please use the donation button today at and help secure our continued daily operations.

There's a great connection between radio heritage and Radio New 1937 the original 3ZB was set up in the area and broadcast reassurance and welfare messages during the dark days of WWII...and in 2011, Radio New Brighton continues this tradition during these dark days post the killer earthquake of February 22.

Radio has always served and will continue to do so, and your donation of US$100 or US$50 today will help us record these moments for future generations to understand.

New Zealand residents who make a donation before March 31 are eligible for one-third tax refunds on donations - NZ$150 will be refunded NZ$50 for example.

Thank you
David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
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PS.. we have 3 copies left of Keith Richardson's sold out book 'Never A Dull Moment' including a fabulous CD of music, jingles and interviews from the early 1960's and the first 3 donations of US$150 or more will get the book and CD shipped worldwide for free as a thank you. Keith passed away a month ago and these are the final 3 copies of his book anywhere.....