giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

Radio Prague continues on shortwave from Miami

On 31 January, Radio Prague ended its shortwave transmissions from the Czech Republic.  However, an agreement between Radio Prague and WRMI will allow shortwave transmissions to continue to the Caribbean and Latin America via Radio Miami International in English and Spanish. As of 1 February, the schedule for Radio Prague programmes via WRMI is:
0630-0700 UTC Daily (Spanish)
0700-0730 UTC Daily (English)
0930-1000 UTC Daily (Spanish)
1000-1030 UTC Monday-Friday (English)
1930-2000 UTC Saturday-Sunday (English)
0300-0330 UTC Daily (Spanish)
This schedule will remain in effect until further notice.  All broadcasts are on 9955 kHz with 50 kW from Miami on an azimuth of 160 degrees.
Jeff White, WRMI General Manager, said that "Radio Miami is happy to be able to help Radio Prague stay on the air, just as we did with Radio Slovakia International when its shortwave transmissions were scheduled to end last December 31.  We have had close cooperation with Radio Prague for many years now, and we hope this cooperation will continue for many more years."