giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

IRRS-Shortwave tests on 5775 kHz

7From Thursday Feb. 24 until Saturday Feb. 26, 2011, IRRS-Shortwave will be testing on the frequency of 5775 kHz from 1800-2000 UTC with 300 kW to Central & Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

We will appreciate receiving your reception reports for these tests by email at
I would like also to mention that we are also on the air in English with the call-sign IRRS-Mediumwave on 1368 kHz in North/Eastern Italy (covering Padua, Venice, Vicenza, Verona and Bologna) and on 1566 in Rome, daily from 20:00-01:00 Central European Time. As 1368 kHz is quite clear in Europe, our broadcasts may be heard outside of our main coverage area in all neighbouring countries, including Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and up north in the Sweden, Norway and Finland with DX conditions.

Our program and frequency schedules are online at

Due to severe budget cuts, we will be unable to reply to all reports by QSL, but we will acknowledge all reports and reply to any question by email. Thank you for your understanding and help, and stay tuned!

Ron & all the NEXUS-IBA staff in Milano

Ron Norton                       NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association