mercoledì 5 luglio 2017

Glenn Hauser logs July 3-4, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 7730, Monday July 3 at 0613, WRMI playing ME music, i.e. World Music default filler, instead of RAE in Japanese, which must be UT Tue-Sat only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 9725.454, July 3 at 0602, VP signal here from R. Evangelizer, moved up after a long time circa 9724.9.

9665.870, July 3 at 0604, R. Voz Missionária, is currently way off-frequency here, a little better signal than Evangelizar, some music audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. NTSC channel A2, July 3 at 1654 UT, brief lock of weak signal with large letters CANADA --- lacking a call-letter or network ID, that`ll do to assume CIII-TV-2, in Bancroft, Ontario again, also since 6m Es maps show contacts over that path rather than to Sault Ste. Marie`s CHBX. There is also a 20 kHz difference between them which could be detected on a radio with sufficient selectivity: offset plus for CIII, minus for CHBX. Also for audio 4.500 MHz higher.

Let`s hope these and a few other Canadian full-power TV stations stay analog a good while longer!

If Mexico still had any analog TV, this conclusion would still be uncertain, since there is a Mexican shoe line called Canadá. Or, was: it seems the brand has been out of business for a long time now:
Other searches for some videos of commercials imply it has not existed since the 1980s, but I don`t find the exact ocaso date. Somewhat amusing was their slogan, ``México anda en Canadá``; no offense? 

This bit of Es up to 55.26 MHz encouraged me to try FM. At first I thought I had some skip on 89.5, two stations fighting it out, but soon demoted merely to the two Okies, with enhanced area tropo still vigent an hour before local mean noon, at 1724 UT: Christian Satellite Network, i.e. KJCC, CoL Carnegie as in DXLD 17-24; and KWGS Tulsa with TED Radio hour (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6145, July 4 at 0611, this RHC English frequency is still off, while 6100 and 6060 are OK, 6000 undermodulated. Could they have decided that running four // transmitters on the same band was excessive? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. 11905, July 3 at 0611, RFI`s only English broadcast is somewhat audible, S7 fading to S5, but during completely disposable sports news with African accent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 7254.924, July 3 at 0615, VON is S9+20 of dead air instead of Hausa modulation, on favorite offset frequency. Recheck July 4 at 0609, now undermodulating, but that`s something (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1884 monitoring: confirmed Monday July 3 at 2330 on WBCQ, 9330.25v-CUSB, fair with storm noise; also confirmed UT Tuesday July 4 at 0030 on WRMI, 7730, S9+30 vs nearby storm noise. Next:
Tue 2130   WRMI 9455 to WNW, 15770 to NE
Tue 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Wed 1030   WRMI 5850 to NW, 9455 to WNW
Wed 1315   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2100   WBCQ 7490v to WSW
Wed 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW

** U S A. 7490.05, UT Tuesday July 4 at 0033, jazz; must be `From the Isle of Music` on WBCQ. Now I`m on the inside longwire due to lightning storm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Time was missing for this log; added now: 5085, 0141 UT Friday June 30, WTWW-2 is on with S9+45 of music, ``¡Tequila!`` --- perhaps that explain the erratic nature of this operation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1703 UT July 4