mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

4960kHz Radio Maria Papua Nuova Guinea

A compendio delle informazioni diffuse recentemente, aspettiamo ulteriori conferme dal posto ma questo messaggio di Ian Baxter sembrerebbe chiarire definitivamente la situazione, bisognerebbe comunicarlo anche al QSL manager italiano...
I initiated an enquiry about the report that Radio Maria had reactivated on 4960kHz from Vanimo, PNG.
The reports are simply not true.
This is now the second PNG 60mb SW rummer this year - so what gives?
Radio Maria has not been on air on SW from Vanimo since 2008.
The Vanimo based SW station shouldn't be regarded as extinct. The bishop in Vanimo just needs to get motivated to organise the reactivation of the SW station & maybe it could return to the airwaves in some months, but that maybe just wishful thinking on my part.
(Ian Baxter via dxld ml)