sabato 7 maggio 2022

Unique Radio Australia testing of my shows

Testing before going live: My Mothers Day show, 30 minutes before on the air, can start test at 1730 UT anytime, usually music first, then audio adjustments. This can last a few minutes, or more. It can sometimes last to 2 minutes before broadcast. After I test, I close down stream on my end, then open it up at the start time. On my Mothers Day cast, for example, start time is 1800 UT.

C.A.R.N.: UT Saturday May 21 at 1730, I test the Skype connection, and audio, with GB, through the stream and music and sometimes play GB's HF audio files, to test how the levels sound. I usually play Renaissances "Northern Lights" first, CARN & Unique Radio IDs.

The next test will be on my Memorial Day show; I don't know the exact times yet, show may start at 1700 UT, so that means testing at 1630 UT. The show is usually on UT Sunday; this year I may make the regular for the troops portion, on Sunday; and on Monday, the first day of summer musical bash, so testing at 1630 UT Monday too.

Any listener to all my shows can join us, first in the chat room, at libera chat server, libera is free. Or & use MIRC/IRC, plug in #eyeradiojd. In libera chat the heading in the room will say Unique Radio Australia and the title of the show at that time, so you can listen in any way you choose, live stream or regular 5035 USB, and type in chat how the audio sounds, if you like. Chat room is always open during all my shows.

73" & 33" Jen in the Rad & GB, For C.A.R.N

(via WOR io group)