venerdì 20 maggio 2022

Radio Northern Europe International update

Roseanne from Radio Northern Europe International sends the following programme update:

"The 2nd of June is a special on WRMI (the 5850, 7730, 15770 & 5010 broadcasts will run it once during that week) because it's a "5th broadcast of the month" week. This only affects the first 30 minutes.
Last time was a demo of the HamDRM system. This month is a load of my favourite Japanese music :D with a new interval. It won't be made available on demand either!

On the 4th of June at 8:00UTC we are booking a 15 minute demo on 15220 which will be an exclusive episode of Mamma's Mest Metal broadcast to all of Asia, the middle East and Oceania. Some signal should also work in Europe. This is not confirmed yet however.

Normal RNEI 30 will go out come the 5th of June with normal schedule for all other transmitters!"

(Alan Roe via WOR io group)