lunedì 2 maggio 2022

Radio Nordsee International, Germany

Germany: An alert by Hans Jürgen Tausend (Kaufbeuren, Germany) led to further research:
"Hello dear Listeners,

After almost 16 Years of Radio Nordsee International, Germany, we would like to say Goodbye to you until further notice. On May 2nd, 2022 from Midnight (CEST), we will temporarily end our broadcasting.

We, the entire International Crew of RNI Germany would like to say Goodbye to you and say thank you for unforgettable moments with you in our programs and at the events that we were able to present for you.

We would also like to thank our Fellow Stations and our Partners, as well as Reiner Holtmann from the Hörerclub for the many Years of cooperation.

We will only inform you about news regarding the Project Radio Nordsee International, Germany, on this page.
Your International Team


Radio Nordsee International Germany" (Google Cache) was already unavailable when checked today.

This may or may not also concern the programmes RNI Diamonds and RNI Goldrausch broadcast via Channel 292 Rohrbach. Just yesterday, I sent a reception report to Eckhard „Hannibal“ Heuermann (goldrausch6070 @ The schedule at dated 2 May still lists both programmes on 6070 kHz. (Dr Hansjoerg Biener 2 May 2022 via WOR io group)