giovedì 15 ottobre 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Checked upper 31mb on Oct 15, at 08.15-08.21 UT.

9895even Palau? tentatively on air check, only EMPTY CARRIER,
S=9+15dB strong string visible noted in Tokyo and Hiroshima remotedly,
at 08.19 UT on Oct 15.

9990even CHN  CNR1 jamming S=9+5dB at 08.17 UT
        18 kHz wideband signal,
        against SOH TWN
9990.038 kHz.
9970.198 TWN  SOH S=5-6 at 08.21 UT.
9919.979 TWN  SOH S=7 at 08.22 UT.
9880even CRI Beijing in Mandarin Chinese, S=9+30dB powerhouse,
        12 kHz widebadn audio block at 08.23 UT.
9874.972 KRE  Voice of Korea, Kujang Russian language sce,
        S=9+15dB sidelobe into Tokyo, 08.24 UT, 08.00-08.57 UT
9850even CHN  CNR1 jamming, S=9+15dB against
9849.965 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6 at 08.28 UT.

73 wb  df5sx