martedì 13 ottobre 2020

R. O. C. V. 6906.1 heard in Friol with extremely weak signal and other news about this station

VENEZUELA, 6906.1, R. O. C. V., Radio Onda Corta Venezuela, El Tigre, heard here in Friol today, 0425-0555, 13-10, extremely weak signal, Venezuelan and pop songs, audible only at times, strong fading, no identification can be heard due to the extremely weak signal. 15311.

Via SDR Kiwi remote receiver in Bonaire, heard with fair to good signal, 0530-0640, 13-10. and I could observe that R. O. C. V. has left relaying "Venezuela, 93.7 FM, Así Suena", and now is relaying "La Voz del Tigre, 980 AM", Venezuelan and pop songs in English, identifications: "Todo el día complaciendo a sus oyentes, La Voz del Tigre", "Desde El Tigre, 980 AM", "980 en el dial, La Voz del Tigre", "La Voz del Tigre, 980, la pionera", "980 AM, La Voz del Tigre".

The programming manager of the station confirms, via Whatsapp, that the actual power is 50 watts, but in about 12 days they increase the transmitter power, he also says R. O. C. V. means Radio Onda Corta Venezuela.

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain