mercoledì 31 maggio 2017

A new Clandestine Syrian station testing on 1350 kHz

Yesterday 29-5-2017 around 19:30 UTC I noticed a new radio station on 1350 KHz 
The station gave ID as Radio Al Kul ( kul in Arabic means All ) .
Checked online and reached their web site
According to their web site they are a Syrian news radio with up to the minute news about Syria and Syrians through a network of reports .
They transmit on FM 95.5 MHz in Aleppo and Idleb in Syria and on Nile Sat satellite frequency 12562 Vertical 27500 . Parts of Aleppo is already under the control of ISIL .
They have a live stream on their website as well...I checked the programmes on 1350 and it is matching the online stream .
They are transmitting from 19:30 to 21:00 UTC , of course the transmitting place is unknown but before they went on air TWR from Gavar was on with the usual programmes .
The program content is mainly music and news on top of the hour and :30 of the hour as well.
Here's a recording of part of the transmission of 29-5-2017 
I sent them a reception report but didn't get any reply.

Tarek Zeidan