martedì 24 maggio 2016

MONGOLIA. DX test on 1431 AM this week (via DXLD)

I hope those of you with foreign contacts (or even in the States), can help spread the word about this DX test for me. I'm not part of those MW and SW groups like many of you - or else I wouldn't be posting this on this list here - so any help would be appreciated. This station is targeting Korea from Mongolia; anyone in DXer-heavy Japan would be most helpful, though my contacts are rather limited there ---

*** DX TEST ALERT / Please share with other groups ***

I want to spread the info about a MW DX test this week that I am helping with (especially those with Asian contacts, please re-post). The engineers need any help they can get, primarily recordings to see how the station is getting out. The guidelines for the test are below:

* Date/Time: May 25-28 1300-1700 UT
* Frequency: 1431 (power will likely be between 100-500 kW)
* Location: Mongolia with a target audience of South Korea
* Recording preferences: MP3 format, mono, no less than 32kbps, and no longer than 30 minutes
* File name should be the sender's initials (example: mine would be "CK" ) - day - time.mp3 (for May 24 at 1am: "ck-24- 0100.mp3). If uploading to the Dropbox, please send an e-mail to the above address stating your listening location as well.
* If possible, do not set the receiver bandwidth to be narrow, but wide AM (at least 6 kHz for example).

I hope we can get some help for these engineers who made the journey halfway around the world to set up this test (Chris Kadlec, South Korea, May 23, WTFDA gg via DXLD)

Very interesting, but a few details are missing, like WHO is behind this? Probably religious, Mormon? Or USG? Mongolia is already a secret relay site on SW for Radio Free Asia. Is this really for North Korea? 1431 looks like a good choice in the region, with no hi-power stations on it per WRTH, nothing greater than 10 kW in east Asia, 40 kW in Kyrgyzstan. And WHERE in Mongolia is it? A big country. Here`s another introduxion to it: (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Good afternoon! This is a copy and paste from a Facebook group mostly of broadcast engineers. I was one. Tom / Doc.

I hope you guys will grant me an exception for a post void of transmitter photos - we're trying to get some help in a DX test here in Asia (high enough power that it may be heard on the west coast) and frankly, a group of avid radio fans and engineers most likely to help fellow engineers test their transmitter(s) tends to get the word out best (via Dr Tom Gruis, K0HTF, IRCA via DXLD)