giovedì 17 settembre 2015

RRI Makassar reactivated on 4750 kHz

After several attempts by DXings worldwide, ultimately a RRI id Makassar she is reactivated!
japao the DFS in Japan  made a video with your Identification that is that link, from what I saw in internet she went through in reformes last two years, the reform would be completed in the building this year 2015 and surely they must have neat, revised the transmitter and surely we will have this station to be linked for many years ahead, yet we must be careful when logging station that it has 4 radios !  that channel on  4750 kHz

Photo Antennas trasmitter 4750 kHz  of  20 KW Power on Tropical Band / AM / FM on Google Maps :,119.4253697,274m/data=!3m1!1e3

Web site  :

Video listening 1 : 4749.95 kHz RRI Makassar IDs / Sep. 17,2015 1106 UTC

Location: Shimane pref. JAPAN
Video listening 2

4749.95 kHz RRI Makassar 2015 SEP 16 21:03JST

▽LOOP9 2Fベランダに設置
Heavy QRM from CNR&BB

 MagicRadioDay - Japan

Reporter: Daniel Wyllyans Nova Xavantina MT Brazil (via HCDX)