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Glenn Hauser logs August 20-21, 2013

** AUSTRALIA. 6150, Aug 21 at 1309, TV news reporter from Duncan OK via R. Australia, following senseless thrill-killing of an Australian visitor there; fair here but always much better on 9580, 12065 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BANGLADESH. 15505, Aug 21 at 1357, BB IS but distracted by ACI from CNR1 on unusual 15500 and quick scan for others; got back to 15505 just in time to hear timesignal ending a few seconds past 1400, opening Urdu (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 860, August 21 at 0615 UT, torch song in English is overriding KKOW and making quite a SAH, then segué to jazz. Close to same direxion as KKOW, and strongly suspect CJBC Toronto, altho I couldn`t listen long enough to hear any French to clinch it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake all-music jamming, Aug 21 after 1400:
12040, good at 1404, with CCI which is VOA Chinese via Tinang, PHILIPPINES during this hour only: normally employs CNR1 audio instead for jamming here. No rhyme or reason as to which source they choose, but obviously preferring CNR1 mostly now

CNR1 jamming August 21 before 1400:
15500, good at 1357, making ACI to 15505 Bangladesh tuning up, but off after 1400. No target audible, and nothing in HFCC or Aoki to account for 15500 being jammed, which is usually not the case. Could be an IBB, V. of Tibet or Sound of Hope jumparounder.

15540, fair at 1357, het on hi side
15565, poor at 1357, het on hi side; none in 16s, 17s, 14s, 13s, 12s

Dave Hughes, Kansas City MO was also tracking this Aug 21 and reported to the dxldyg:

``This is a pretty interesting & fluid situation. As I monitor it via Twente while I pretend to be working in my office, I find VOT via Tajikistan on 15563 at 1308 & CNR1 is on 15560. At 1345 they have both moved up 5 kHz so VOT is on 15568 & CNR1 is on 15565. Three minutes later VOT is now on 15563 & 15568 & the CNR jammer is gone for a minute (as they determine where VOT is?). A minute later I find CNR on 15540 (?) and what I think is a Chinese noise jammer (similar to the noise that I often find jamming BBC English) on 15550 (?). At 1400 both are gone. Pretty interesting radio war going on with these two. DH KCMO`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11510, Aug 21 at 1402, Kurdish music, poor with flutter, but nice to hear Denge Kurdistani again, via PRIDNESTROVYE at this hour; shortly into talk. Maybe the previous hour is mostly-music as it once was? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Glenn, I always enjoy your detailed DX reports.

Re: "No Es DX to VHF noted earlier Saturday, but turned on UT
Sunday Aug 4 at 0216 with antenna still parked toward SSW, to find an
ad or infomercial displaying a phone number for MTY"

Glenn, look at this page:

"1517 on 4, under Gala swirl UL are time 10:17 (CDT), and 33 degree
temp, still with Estrella also in UR. Does it ever get that hot at the
elevation of México DF?"

I think the Gala with a time/temp stamp is XELN-4 Torreón.
(Danny Oglethorpe, Shreveport, LA,. Mexico TV DX Tips WTFDA via DXLD)

** NEW ZEALAND. 6170, August 21 at 1306, RNZI fair with Pacific news; this frequency is gradually improving as darkness spreads, but still insufficient. Our only option after 1300, and maybe will eventually hold up for the 1330 features including `Mailbox` on alternate Mondays. Not even a DRM channel during this period, and 9700 before 1300 is no better since it`s aimed away from us (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 1640, Aug 21 around 1245 UT, KOAG Enid as always with big hum/buzz, during all-Ag programming; exacerbated when trying to null it, similar situation to KGWA 960, unrelated station, which later got rid of that. Willis Monk and Paul B Walker recently reported that WTNI is off the air due to power problems at the site, so instead of its 10 kW day power at night, Biloxites and many others might now be hearing KOAG, which is unusually for an X-bander, direxional NNW/SSE to cover both Enid and OKC from site between them east of Hennessey; without WTNI to block it, KOAG might even enter Latin America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PRIDNESTROVYE. 9665, Radio PMR not checked lately; this season had been reduced to UT Sun-Thu 23-24 only. Nothing audible after 2300 UT August 20, so seems already gone. Propagation not very good from eastern Europe, but Greece OK on 9420, Albania on 9850, Spain on 9535, 9620. I was checking following this item: (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Radio PMR plans to leave SW --- All foreign language programs will be available as podcasts only, no deadline mentioned though [in Russian]:
(Leo Barmaleo, Aug 20, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) Google translates:

Radio PMR is preparing new projects
Wed, 08/07/2013 - 20:19 News of the day

Today, August 7, Radio Pridnestrovie celebrates the 22 th anniversary of its establishment. State radio Transnistria was created together with the Republic, covering all the processes occurring in it to the fullest extent possible. The plans for the future with editor Catherine radio Poshelyuk talked correspondent of IA "News of Transnistria"

- Catherine, what is the current situation on the radio?

- This year we have started to expand again after the broadcast of a break after a transitional period in our history. Gradually modernizing technically, now looking forward to some new equipment. From August 31 to release new projects and new programs. In principle, all this year and next will have a period of expansion and qualitative changes in the ether.

- Is there a program for development of radio broadcasting and the Republic?

- Of course, this is a centralized process that goes according to the concept of broadcasting, approved earlier this year. Under this plan, we add the necessary subjects and programs are making some adjustments in the creative process. Come new ideas and new people who often act as carriers of these ideas. In general, moving forward.

It should be noted that Radio Pridnestrovie is not only a source of manpower for the media in our country but also for other countries. Because those people who have started, gained experience and hardened, are now working on leading radio stations and TV channels of Ukraine and Russia. We are proud of our colleagues, those who work and those who, unfortunately, passed away. Thanks to those who stayed, who works here. We are waiting for an infusion of youth. Sometimes come very talented guys.

- A distinctive feature of the Radio Pridnestrovie has always been multilingual. For this indicator, the station ahead of all other Transdniestrian media. You air not only Russian, Moldovan and Ukrainian, on the radio is broadcasted edition. You are currently working on foreign countries?

- Yes, we continue to produce programs in German, English and French. Now we have to transition to a format online broadcasting as broadcasting to a distance - something costly. This is the prevailing international practice: broadcasters go to the internet, where to build more efficient and more profitable broadcasting.

We will have a new website. We will be there to spread the program, we are now posted on the Internet the information in text form, including on foreign yazykah.K Unfortunately, in previous years are not given due attention to the technical modernization of the radio station. Now the plan for modernization and re-equipment, must be purchased new software. Of course, this will affect the quality of broadcasting, how will line broadcast. The process will be less time consuming, and human resources. Not everything at once and in such amount as would be desirable, because to be a major upgrade.

- And who will follow? What is the socio-demographic portrait of your listeners?

- We are focused on adults, thinking people, because we have information radio station. Naturally, this information is prepared for those who are interested. Typically, these are people older than 30 years of various professions. We have a similar audience abroad. We plan to develop conversational broadcast, inviting people in the morning and in the evening air, talking to them, not only on current issues, but also about life in general. Do entertainment projects - also in our plans. In particular we are going to do and music programs.

- In November last year, Radio Pridnestrovie has moved from the emergency room in the city center in the high-rise building in Tiraspol TV and Radio. How does it feel after the move, after the move from the ground into the air. Radio should be somewhere in the sky?

- Very pleasant feeling, of course. The ether waves can touch, literally sticking his arm out the window. The view is awesome a ...

- What's new straight from the tin and expects listeners on the air?

- I do not tell you what's new. It's still a secret. In principle, we do not have a clear concept of the new season, we have the whole year after moving to renew the broadcasting network, add new programs, new headings. And on September 1, we too will be something new. Wait ... (via DXLD)

So they are touting dropping shortwave as a step forward, while one of the most boring external services which existed loses what little audience it had. Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, also confirmed the 23-24 broadcast on 9665 no longer exists as of Aug 20, but 9665 still comes up for the V. of Russia from 0000 Aug 21 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

I emailed Radio PMR on an address I have contacted them before on and got this reply: ``Hi, Stephen! Sorry, we are not on air any more. May be we`ll broadcast next year. Read our news on our official web-site -
Thank you very much for trying to listen us. Hope everything we`ll be ok next year. Be healthy and wealthy! 73!`` (Stephen Cooper, Aug 21, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

I did some further research and the outcome is - In fact, their SW/MW (999) transmissions were ceased (or suspended?) on July, 1st!

Their disappearance, strangely enough, seems to have passed unnoticed, or unreported at least. I can vaguely remember Alexandr Egorov's message posted to the open_dx mailing list in early July, regarding their absence on 999 for two or three consecutive mornings.

Anyway, the reasons - tremendous last/this year's amounts due and payable to PRTTs (Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr) now owned by the Russian RTRS. The irony is that Radio PMR, after last year's merger with TV PMR that resulted in a new entity named PGTRK (Pridnestrovskaya Gosudarstvennaya Teleradiokompaniya), currently undergoes modernization, restructuring, retrofitting and rebranding (their home channel got a new look and feel, being renamed to Radio 1 even though they traditionally ID themselves as "Radio Pridnestrovya", still - perhaps mechanically), and will reportedly have a new (or heavily redesigned) website. Furthermore, as you might have noticed, they got a new postal address - 5 Khristoforova lane, where their (both radio and TV) HQ are housed (sharing the building with the Russian diplomatic mission). Interestingly, some three years ago PMR's then president Igor Smirnov was promising a new building for radio and TV, located at now long
 defunct canning factory built in the 30s, I believe, now lying in ruins. Krhristoforova 5 verges on that long-abandoned factory, so Smirnov's promise came true, after his dethronement, though.

Evgeniy Zubov, the head of Pridnestrovian Service of communications, information and mass media, has recently been dismissed.

So what's the irony? Reorganization implies investments, or lack of thereof in our case, LOL, when Radio PMR is reorganized at Mayak's expense. Backlog of debts, however, cannot grow indefinitely, as we can see, regardless of state guarantee.

Not sure why they count on resuming SW transmissions next year. Unless those large arrearages are remitted by the Russians. Time will show. Regards (Leo Barmaleo, Aug 21, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 7355, Aug 21 at 0530, BBCWS news headlines marred by ``running water`` QRM to what is normally a sufficient signal via ASCENSION. Such are the risks of expanding broadcasts into what is primarily a fixed utility band (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Re previous report of Allan Weiner mentioning someone had died, shortly after posting Aug 20, received this from Larry Will:

``Hello Glenn, You will want to review Allan's show from last Friday night (August 16) as archived here:

Allan's wife Jennifer died on August 4. At his request we did not
release any public data prior to his show on the 16th, when he
announced it to the shortwave listening audience. However her obituary
appeared in the Cape Cod Times on the 9th:

I will have updated later this week. Regards, Lw`` Viz.:

Jennifer Garland Weiner
August 09, 2013 - 2:00 AM

MONTICELLO, Maine — Jennifer grew up in Bourne, but recently lived in Maine and Florida. She and her husband owned several commercial AM, FM and shortwave radio stations in northeastern Maine. They both wrote and hosted many public talk shows.

Jennifer was an electronics expert and an advanced computer programmer. She worked for the U.S. Navy and IBM in Groton, CT.

As a child she flew with her father, Christopher Garland, and later earned her pilot's license. She was an avid horsewoman, tennis player, scuba diver, amateur radio operator — and had an irresistible sense of humor.

Jennifer was deeply religious in the Christian faith and was prayerful, empathetic and kind to all who knew her.

She leaves behind her beloved husband, Allan Weiner, her mother Frances Anderegg, stepfather Jack Anderegg, sister Jill, brother Charles Garland and many dear stepsiblings and cousins in the Cape Cod area and far beyond.

Funeral service Monday August 12th at noon, at the Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home on Macarthur Blvd in Bourne. No flowers, please. Or perhaps make a donation to your favorite charity (via DXLD)

Now on WBCQ website, also photo gallery of her:
(via Artie Bigley, DXLD)

Our condolences to Allan (Glenn)

** U S A. 5935, Aug 21 at 0531, WWCR DGS service is extremely strong, and distorted, overmodulated on fundamental, also spurring around 5980, worse during gospel music interludes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9904, 9917, 9943, 9956, Aug 21 at 1409, buzzy spurs out of 9930 WTWW-2 transmitter with Brother Scare, the worst being 9904, multiples of plus and minus approx. 13 kHz. These have appeared periodically before, perhaps exacerbated by artifacts in the feed from Walterboro? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 2000-USB, Aug 21 at 0535, no signal detectable from New York Radio`s strange new frequency which appeared last winter. I had last logged it August 1 around this time as in DXLD 13-32, but Ken Zichi, MARE Tipsheet, was not hearing it August 10 at 0400, so I checked again, and further, alarmingly, it appears that all major airports in the US have been destroyed:

3485-USB, August 21 at 0535, NY Radio is audible here, but ``missing`` reports from all airports cited: Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City. That means these four are repeated over and over and over every few seconds! What a waste.

Then I check other WSY70 frequencies: 6604-USB & 10051-USB, same here. Aug 21 at 0548 the ``missing`` weather concerns: Atlanta, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Bermuda, Miami, Nassau, Orlando: and repeating them all.

10051-USB, Aug 21 at 0600, Gander hands over to New York, and now the ``missing`` ones are Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati. These three repeat countless times until 0605.

(Did not check 13270-USB this late at night, no doubt the same if on and in. The hourly pattern is NY Radio :00-:20 & :30-:50, with Gander on same frequencies [except never 2000] at :20-:30 & :50-:60, sounds like same synthesized voice, but dealing with Canadian `ports)

0605 introduces ``terminal forecasts until 1500z``, but these are ``missing``: Bangor, Windsor Locks, Norfolk, Charlotte, over and over. Norfolk with the L enunciated. Windsor Locks? Better? known as Bradley International Airport, serving Hartford CT.

13270-USB, August 21 at 1330, ``Gander Radio, out``, but *no* New York Radio follows, altho some occasional other noises are heard. Ditto 10051. At 1354, Gander again on 13270-USB, 1400+ still no NY Radio on either. Shux, I want to hear how many other places are ``missing``.

NY Radio has been in dire straits for months. The latest situation may be related to Arinc having been sold, after which one may hope for a bit more reliability. VOLMET on SW must not be a high priority, not even considered essential for flight safety.

Utahooligan reported this Aug 12 to the UDXF yg:
Aeronautical Radio, Inc (Arinc) Sold,0,5232431.story

``Rockwell Collins' $1.39 billion acquisition of Arinc likely will have some impact on the aerospace technology firm's 900 Anne Arundel County employees, but what that might be remained unclear Monday.
Rockwell Collins Inc. announced Sunday that it would buy Annapolis-based Arinc Inc. from the Carlyle Group to diversify and complement its aviation technology business. . .``