venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Ascolti marini...

Qualche ascolto effettuato con la nuova PL660 dai lidi Ravennati nord (Marina Romea), dove ho trascorso qualche giorno di vacanza. Ottima l'apertura verso est e questo si riflette sui segnali ascoltati. La PL660 connessa a 4 metri di filo si sta comportando in modo egregio, ma di questo nuovo ricevitore parlerò più diffusamente in seguito.

Anguilla, 11775, Carribean Beacon, 2125, 06/07, English, sermon by a male speaker, fair.

Ascension, 12060, WYFR, 2133, 06/07, English, preacher explaining why there was no rapture on May 21st and why the world will end anyway on October 21st. What he did not explain is where all the money has gone. Good.

Australia, 9500, r. Australia, 2110, 05/07, English, newss and current affairs, QRM from China, fair.
Australia, 11695, r. Australia, 2108, 04/07, English, news. Fair to good.

Brasil, 11815, r. Brasil Central, 2213, 04/07, Portughese, talk, QRM from 5 kHz up, poor.
Brasil, 11780, R.N. Amazonia, 2127, 06/07, Portughese, talk, better in LSB, poor.

Botswana, 4930, VOA, 2046, 04/07, English, pop music and talk, good.

Chile, 11880, R. Japan via Santiago, 2129, 06/07, Portughese, jingle, sign-on, ID, frequencies and news, very good.

Cuba, 13670, R. Habana, 2122, 04/07, Spanish, talking about Chavez, fair.

Djibouti, 4780, RTV Djibouti, 2043, 04/07, Vernacular, African music, talk, good.

Gabon, 9580, Africa 1, 2120, 05/07, French, talk on soul and blues music, good.

Guam, 13362, AFRTS, 2059, 07/07, English, interview and live talk, ID, USB; fair.

Korea (North), 15245, V.o.Korea, 2055, 04/07,  French, songs then ID, frequencies, at 2100 in English, very good

India (tent.), 4810, AIR Bhopal ?, 2036, 07/07, definitely Indian-sounding songs, but should be off at this time; only songs, no talk; fair, butter in USB due to UTE interference.
India, 11715, AIR, 2120, 06/07, English, talk by female speaker and Indian songs, very good.

New Zealand, 11725, r. New Zealand, 2109, 04/07, English, ID, sport news, very good.

Niger, 9705, La Voix du Sahel, 2115, 05/07, Vernacular, African music, talk. Poor to fair.

Sao Tome, 4940, VOA, 2048, 04/07, Vernacular, male speaker talking, good.

South Africa, 4880, SW Radio Africa, 1835, 07/07, English, male and female talking about current affairs, ID, better in USB, fair.

Taiwan, 9745, Voice of Kuanghua, 2130, 05/07, Vernacular, local music, talk by a female speaker, slight QRM from Bahrain in Arabic. Fair.

Uganda, 4976, R. Uganda, 2051, 07/07, English, pop music, fair.

Zambia, 9505, CVC International, 2114, 05/07, English, male and female talk, "remember that nothing is impossible to God", good.

Michele D'amico
RX: PL660.  Antenna: 5 metres of wire.