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ANZAC Radio Heritage 2011

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
April 18 2011

ANZAC Radio Heritage 2011
Fighting Voices from

Radio was still a teenager when called up for active duty in 1939 with the outbreak of World War II but had moved into respectable middle age by 1970 when the Vietnam War was raging says the Radio Heritage Foundation in the latest feature at website

Released to remember ANZAC Day on April 25 2011, this new feature looks at how Australian and New Zealand military forces took radio along with them on their journey to battlefields as far flung as the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, South East Asia, the Pacific, and even within Australia's Northern Territory.

"Fighting Voices from Downunder' visits the extensive ABC Radio facilities at Gaza in Palestine, RAAF Madang 'The Voice of the Islands', 5DR Darwin, 9AF Labuan in the Straits Settlements, AKAA Yamaguchi 'Voice of the 2NZEF', WLKS Kure, Radio Commonwealth near the North Korean border, RAAF Butterworth and AFR Vung Tau.

This new feature places ANZAC Radio into context with US Armed Forces Radio networks in the Asia and Pacific region, and British Forces Broadcasting and Radio SEAC services.

There are extensive links and references to nearly 40 other AFRS and related features throughout Illustrations from the Australian War Memorial collections accompany the feature, as well as a previously unseen photo from New Zealand station AKAA.

If you have your own memories, memorabilia and more you'd like to share about ANZAC Radio or any of the other stations featured, Radio Heritage Foundation wants to hear from you.

It may be some old photos, booklets, newspaper or magazine articles or even some recordings. Memories of listening to ANZAC Radio over the years are also important and wanted because they help people understand the important role played by ANZAC Radio stations over several generations.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization connecting popular culture nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific and its website is where full contact details can be found. Email:

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