lunedì 18 maggio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel log

UTC afternoon log of May 18, at 14.30 to 16.00 UT at Athens Greece, Doha Qatar, and Delhi India remotedly.

 9275even PHL  FEBC Manila via Bocaue bcast center, Chinese Mandarin
          program, S=8 in Athens Greece remote SDR, CODAR signal swishing
          QRM only on the USB side 9272 to 9306 kHz. 14.35 UT on May 18.
          \\ 9344.975 FEBC via Iba bcast center site. S=8 at 14.38 UT.
 9355.018 MRA  US AGM RFA Agingan Point Saipan island, in Cambodian,
          S=6-7 in Athens Europe, 14.45 UT on May 18.
 9540.007 TUR  Voice of Turkey, Emirler site, Arabic sce, at 14.50 UT
          S=9+10dB in Athens Greece, remotedly.

 9619.815 UNIDENTIFIED  ODD fq signal observed in Athens Greece at 14.52 UT
          Narrowed that odd fq signal on remote SDR's in Doha Qatar and
          Delhi India.
 Something's always wrong at AIR Indian bureaucratic radio organization,
 except two centers technically well organized at Bhopal and Bangalore.
 9619.815 IND  AIR Aligarh bcast center in Baluchi language 15-16 UT
          S=9+10dB strength in remote Doha Qatar SDR rx. 14.53 UT May 18.

 9650.040 ARS  R Saudi Arabic sce from Riyadh, scheduled 15-18 UT regular
          S=9+15dB signal in Athens Europe at 15.02 UT.
 9390even UZB  IBRA Radio sponsored/payed SoEAsian Bangla (FEBA) service
          to Bangladesh target. S=8-9 signal strength noted in Doha Qatar.

          This Monday 9395 to 9409 kHz fq slot IS EMPTY totally, no signal
          at all from SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria
          relay site weekdays ?

 9410even OMA  BBC  English via Al Seela relay site, S=9+15dB at 15.10 UT.
 9465.006 IRN  VoIRI via Ahwaz site scheduled, Bangla lang towards SoEAsia
          Bangladesh azimuth direction. S=9+45dB POWERHOUSE in Qatar site,
          excellent audio signal at 15.07 UT on May 18.
          \\ Sirjan 9810.009 kHz noted similar strength til s-OFF 15.19 UT
 9584.971 SWZ  e-Swatini usual odd fqs from TWR Manzini bcast center site
          At 15.10 Malagasy scheduled weekdays, co-ch underneath S=8-9:
 9585even CHN  CRI Xianyang #594 bcast center in regular Japanese sce.
 9765.006 TUR  Voice of Turkey Emirler in Persian language sce, S=9+15dB
          noted at remote Doha Qatar SDR rx. At 15.15 UT on May 18.
 9790.031 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh's 1st Arabic program, S=9+20dB at 15.17 UT
          on May 18 at Doha Qatar SDR.
 9840.005 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish, scheduled 13.00-15.58 UT, poor S=7
          strength in Qatar site, heavy co-channel QRM of much odd fq
 9839.774 VTN  Voice of Vietnam from Son Tay site, S=7-8 in English 15.20
 9910.035 MRA  US AGM RFA Agingan Point Saipan island, in Korean lang,
          S=8-9 in Doha Qatar remote unit, 15.24 UT on May 18.
 9919.981 PHL  FEBC Manila in Russian language sce via Bocaue transmission
          15-16 UT, 10 kHz wideband of S=9+15dB signal.

and some more AIR domestic transmissions log from 15.30 to 15.56 UT
 9865     nil, nothing on that channel.
 9380even IND  AIR Hindi sce at 15.32 UT, noted in Doha Qatar.
11560     nil, nothing on that channel.
15185     nil, nothing on that channel. AIR Panaji, Gujarati to AF.
 9950     nil, nothing on that channel. Off AIR Swahili sce.
 4810even IND  AIR Bhopal, scheduled 1130-1742 UT, S=9+30dB at 15.38 UT
          noted on remote Delhi India SDR rx unit.
 5050.001 IND  Tentat. ? - AIR Aizawl, poor S=5 strength at 15.38 UT.
 4759.997 IND  Proper S=9+15dB signal in Delhi SDR unit, likely
          AIR Leh, Ladakh, in Ladaki language, girl and male voices, 1539UT
 5039.998 IND  AIR Jeypore, in Hindi, proper S=9+20dB at 15.41 UT in Delhi.
 4920even IND  AIR Chennai Madras, Hindi language sce at 15.43 UT, S=9+20dB
          usual underneath
 4919.980 CHN  CNR Lhasa Baiding Tibet co-channel mixture.
 4949.996 IND  AIR Srinagar in Hindi, strong S=9+25dB powerful carrier,
          but as always low audio modulation on fountain like coverage
          of mountain Himalaya area. 15.45 UT on May 18.
 4800even bad mixture of even fq, CHN CNR1 Geermu and AIR Hyderabad Chennai
          both mixed S=9+20dB strength. 15.47 UT on May 18.
 4870     nil, nothing on that channel at 15.30 UT AIR VoKashmir requested
 4910.003 IND  AIR Jaipur, carrier rather strong S=9+15dB,
          but at 15.55 UT much LOW MODULATION level.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 18)