lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Glenn Hauser logs August 28, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake August 28, first in the ChiCom noon hour:
17170, poor at 0426
16100, very poor at 0426; no others 12-19 MHz

Before 1300:
 7970, poor at 1239
10300, good at 1242
12120, very good at 1248 mixed with constant RTTY on 12120, unusual spot for FD
15555, poor at 1252, vs het 15552
No others 13-18 MHz by 1255

After 1300:
15280, poor at 1324, het 15278

** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command grinding on 9565 at 1312 Aug 28, between Australia 9560 and China via Cuba 9570; 9565 jamming totally unnecessary at this hour. See also USA: Greenville report (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sunrise DX August 28, UT:

650, at 1159 Aug 28, Mexican history item, 1200 ID as ``Radio 65 FM``, then mentions 106.5 FM y 650 AM. How convenient: Cantú shows:
106.5 XHTNT Radio 65 + AM 650 Los Mochis, Sin. [no power on FM; new?]
650   XETNT Radio 65 + FM 106.5 Los Mochis, Sin. 5,000 1,000

We seem to have a pipeline from Los Mochis this morning as well as several previous sunrises:
770, at 1201 Aug 28, `Los 40 Principales`` full ID with XEREV, i.e.:
770 XEREV Los 40 Principales + FM 104.3 Los Mochis, Sin. 5,000 100
BTW, KKOB 770 NM nondirexional day pattern starts in Aug at *1230 UT, Sept *1245, Oct *1315

870, at 1202 Aug 28 choral NA, 1203 mentions ``en esta hermosa Sierra Tarahumara`` then into indigenous language, from XETAR, Chihuahua.

920, at 1204 Aug 28, ID as R. Capital, Hermosillo, i.e. per Cantú:
920 XEHQ Radio Capital Hermosillo, Son. 5,000 1,000

990, at 1214 ID as Radio México 990 AM, ``todo México``. Radio México is the name of a group, not a particular station. Here`s their own listing:
But nothing on 990. Info there is © 2009, so quite possibly outdated. Thru Cantú state-by-state listings for 990s in western México I don`t find any matches. (Before 1200 I was getting a strong 990 with temp in C, presumed XET Monterrey 50 kW). ``Radio México`` possibly just a generic mention as heard here, not a corporate name, altho the Group should assert its exclusive right to say it? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. 15720, UT Sunday Aug 28 at 0455, caught the tail of what sounds like an excellent documentary from the USA, outro as `The Promised Land`, 0457 cut off credit to ``American ---``, likely followed by ``Public Media``, for QSY announcement to 11725, bellbird and off.

It was a relay of RNZ National, listed as: ``4:07 The Sunday Feature: The Promised Land, with Majora Carter --- Decades ago, in response to an oil spill off the coast of California, John Francis made a vow to give up riding in motor vehicles, and stepped out on a walk. And he kept on walking for the next 22 years (APM)``

Can`t find much about TPL on the APM website, but also heard program`s own site as ---
More here, listen and download:

** SUDAN [and non]. Checking R. Dabanga Aug 28: 0431 on 13620, only hearing the 1000 Hz tone jamming, then 0431:45 Dabanga audio via MADAGASCAR comes up, down and up again. Meanwhile, the other Talata frequency during the first semihour, 13730 is continually modulating with frequent IDs in passing, no jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1579 monitoring: confirmed on WTWW 5755, UT Sunday Aug 28 after 0400, VG signal. Besides WRMI and WRN, next airing is UT Monday 0300v via Area 51 on WBCQ 5110v-CUSB. Full schedule including many other webcasts:

** U S A. IBB Greenville-B is still off the air 24 hours after last heard, altho Irene should be well out of the area by now: Aug 28 at 1229, VOA Spanish missing from 9885, 13750 and 15590; R. Martí 6030, 7405 and 9805 produced jamming only. At 1302, jamming only on 11845, ditto 1318 on 13820. Besides RM, only other scheduled broadcasts from GB today Sunday are 17-18 Portuguese on 17820, 20-21 French on 15730.

At 1700 Aug 28: 17820 still silent, and nothing but jamming (DentroCubans aren`t taking any chances) on RM frequencies 13820, 11930, 9565. I fear there is more wrong at GB than just resetting the circuit breaker (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN back to normal on three transmitters and three frequencies at once with usual defects, Aug 28:
0412, VG in Spanish on 5810
0434, poor in Spanish on 11870, // much stronger 5810
0435, poor in English on 11520
1238, very good in Spanish on 7555, mass
1243, poor on 12050, mass with organ
1245, very good on 13580, mass in English
1256, very good on 11550, Regina Cœli prélude
(Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WINB

** U S A. 13570, Aug 28 at 1320, gospel music from WINB blasted by squishy/squeaky 13571v spur from WEWN 13580, with more of them audible around 13562, 13589, 13598. This happens only on Sundays when WINB is currently active in the mornings, until WEWN QSYs to 15610 by 1400. Christians vs Christians! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Following up yesterday`s report of `La Super X` on 1160 being KCTO in the Kansas City market, so what is 1250, which had used that slogan? Aug 28 at 1217, 1250 IDs merely as ``La Equis, 12-50, la súper estación`` by super-hype locutor, denigrating the unnamed competition as ``ruido`` = noise. Ad for a ``gran baile`` 4 de Setiembre featuring a musical group from Chihuahua, which could send one way off on the wrong track. Then ad in Spanish mentioning multiple locations in Kansas City area, pronounced by YL/child as in English. 1160 was also audible but 1250 much stronger. So 1250 is merely La X, and 1160 is La Super X; are they jointly owned, since the Super X slogan transferred from 1250 to 1160? No, FCC AM Query shows 1160 KCTO is owned by Alpine Broadcasting Corp.; 1250 KYYS by Entercom, so must be bitter rivals fighting over that valuable X branding! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1510v, Aug 28 at 0440, slightly variable het. This is commonly heard around sunrise and sunset but not in the nightmiddle, previously tracked months ago to KCTE Independence MO. We also noted the het 23 hours earlier but did not log it; Bruce Winkelman in Tulsa did, measured on 1509.83 with IDs all night every hour on the hour, ESPN programming. Listed as 10 kW daytimer-only. On NRC-AM, Bruce says, ``Tulsa is almost "dead-center" in the SW lobe of KCTE directional pattern. Bad het against WLAC and others on 1510.00. Daytimer on all night and off-frequency to boot --- anybody home??`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6924.7 AM, Aug 28 at 0418 weak music from some pirate, and this off-frequency is often the spot, single transmitter? Compared it to a weak carrier from a non-pirate on 5925, presumably 5925.0, registered as Lampertheim (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6925.0 SSB, Aug 28 at 1234, loop of ``who let the dog out?`` and barking, weak in noise level. Seems I have heard this before on a pirate, but can`t find it previously reported. Matched a carrier on 5925 from a non-pirate, so on-frequency unlike the 6924.7 AM unID earlier. At this hour 5925 would be CNR Beijing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###