venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Glenn Hauser logs July 15, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake July 15, all //:
11500, fair at 1227

12175, good at 1228. New frequency never reported before in DXLD, but 12180 has been, against SOH jumparound. In 11-21, we had it April 18 on 12180, and at that time Aoki was listing it on 12175 i.a., via Tajikistan. Current Aoki only shows 12165 and 12190 for SOH and not during this semihour. They are flexible. 12175 used to be the only SWBC frequency from Iceland, long ago. And the dirty spur from Brasil 11765 used to show up around 12175.

12600, very good at 1230
14700, very good at 1231
14970, very good at 1232
15670, good at 1246, even atop CNR1 jamming; at 1235 the FD was NOT on
16100, fair-good at 1235

** CHINA [and non]. 17855, July 15 at 0515, R. Free Asia, Chinese via SAIPAN is usually in the clear, but this time mixed with another signal in Chinese plus SAH, no doubt ChiCom CNR1 jamming also propagating.

17735, July 15 at 0515, Chinese, tried to // second station on 17855 but not for sure; likely also CNR1 jam, since not in HFCC, but this is: 17735 0400 0600 42,43W UDO 250 324 1234567 Tibetan THA IBB IBB

** EAST TURKISTAN. 17540 // weaker 17505, July 15 at 0520 CRI English about quotas on rare earth exports. 173 and 269 degrees respectively via Kashgar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Bits of analog sporadic E TV DX, July 15 UT:
1330 on 2, Spanish from the south, fade out
1438 on 2, Azteca 7 promo, large 7 on screen briefly; but could have been carried on sister network Azteca 13?
1502 on 3, weak video from WSW, probably XHBC Mexicali; traces on 5
1515 on 2, signals building, CCI peaking SSW to S
1518 on 2, net-7 show `en vivo` from beach, UR bug is now a clear big 7, CDT clock and temp LR
1519 on 2, mixing with net-4 `f` bug LL
1520 on 3, net 5 toons
1523 on 4, MUF up to here now, net-5 toons atop

** SPAIN [non]. 11910, July 15 at 1225, REE in Spanish via CHINA, lower-fi audio than // 11880 via COSTA RICA, but a couple words ahead of CR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 9725, July 15 at 1220, YL in Chinese with long strings of 8 tonal syllables between pauses; and more occasionally a few words of normal speech. Suspect this is a numbers station.

HFCC shows a gap from 12 to 14 on this frequency, but we know how incomplete it is when concerned with Chinas! Aoki fills this and other gaps:

9725 0500-0530 TWN XingXing guangbo diantai Chi Kuanyin     1-7 
9725 0600-0630 TWN XingXing guangbo diantai Chi Kuanyin     1-7 
9725 1200-1230 TWN XingXing guangbo diantai Chi Kuanyin     1-7 
9725 1300-1330 TWN XingXing guangbo diantai Chi Kuanyin     1-7

As far as I can tell, this is missing from the WRTH 2011, both Taiwan sexions, Target sexion, and master frequency list. It`s Star-Star Broadcasting Station, discussed in DXLD 10-06 under TAIWAN, altho not at that time on 9725:
A report of it on 9725 at 0622 June 1 was in DXLD 11-23

** U S A. The Thursday 21-22 UT feast of three WORLD OF RADIO broadcasts confirmed July 14:
WTWW at 2106, altho webcast of WTWW-1 still not working, 9479 VG altho this transmitter has a squeal on it like at least one each from WWCR, WEWN, RHC
WRMI at 2105, confirmed on webcast, but inaudible on 9955, not jammed
WBCQ at 2150 check JBA on 7415 in high noise level, loud and clear on webcast also with new 1573.

WWRB broadcast also confirmed on webcast (lo mod), and on 5051 with 5050 het, 0330+ UT Friday July 15.
New 0500 UT Friday broadcast on WRMI 9955: audible, but still with too much Cuban pulse jamming and still going this date, unlike others, past 0531 vs. R. Praga in Spanish. At 1440 could not hear me on 9955, tho no jamming either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. News broke on July 14 that Pastor Pete Peters had died July 7, so I made a point of listening to Scriptures for America via WTWW on July 15: 0527 on 5755, sounded like him; and at 1214 with squealy transmitter. 1259, Ted Randall interrupts a cowboy song just starting to announce QSY to ``9480``, and off at 1259:19*, back on 9479 a few sex later.

After the TOH IRN `news`, from 1305 there was a program dated ``tonight, July 14``, conversation mostly between two guys, one of whom has a similar voice and accent to PPP, not as extreme, but could be mistaken for him. Until 1343 reversion to cowboy music fill, they discussed what had been happening, summarized here:

Pastor Peter John Peters died on July 7. He had been having health issues, but kept them private, only among close friends and family. Had not been on the air with new material during June, ``on sabbatical``, but did attend an event in Branson in early June, driven there and back by one of his associates.

The Laporte Church of Christ and Scriptures for America deliberately kept his death secret until after the July 13 funeral, in order to prevent the media from showing up and bothering the family, and this was successful, a nice funeral with a totally clear sky for a change. One of them speaking on the radio Sunday had a hard time not letting on what had happened. Among the enemies PPP took on were: ADL, JDL, various police agencies, attorney general, secretary of state (presumably both meaning state of Colorado), FBI, DOJ, BATF.

It`s ``full steam ahead`` for SFA ministry; ``he left us with over 1000 messages.`` (So it looks like we have another Gene Scott on our airwaves, outliving his earthly existence on the radio; assuming funding can be maintained.)

There will be a memorial service live on the radio Tuesday July 19 for two hours, including call-ins; I never heard a time given, evening?

I then checked the website but there is still nothing there about his death. For an idea of what he was about, check out the latest ``Dragon Slayer`` newsletter from April, including photos and info about WTWW, including one of him by a transmitter, presumably WTWW:

And rather negative press about him, DXLD member Pat Blakely found first:

UNIDENTIFIED. 6924.7 AM, July 15 at 0525, poor signal, pirate with country music, lots of T-storm noise hindering; maybe Willie Nelson until 0536 DJ announcement with ID, maybe W + four letters (surely not `WEAK`); until 0544 song
``Doctor, doctor, give me the news
I got a bad case of lovin` you[se?]``
(Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###