sabato 3 agosto 2019

World Music Radio: antenna direction change

For the past few weeks World Music Radio has been broadcasting on 15805 kHz with 200 W every Saturday and Sunday at 07-20 UTC beamed north from Randers, Denmark, in other words towards Northern Scandinavia, Western North America and Japan. Signal strength has been excellent in Northern Scandinavia and the signal has also been audible in Japan (from around local sunset in Japan) and Western North America (Alberta and British Colombia). Unfortunately not one single reception report has been received from DX’ers in Japan - and only two from Western Canada. And the interest among DXers in Northern Scandinavia has also been very limited.

So –weather permitting – the direction of the 3 element yagi used on 15805 kHz will be changed to due south within the next few days – most likely this coming week.

That means that this weekend – August 3-4 2019 – will be the last chance of having very good chances of picking up WMR on 15805 kHz in Japan and Western North America. 

There is a slight change of broadcasting hours this weekend: The transmitter on 15805 will be on the air continuously from Saturday morning August 3 at 07 UTC - until Sunday afternoon August 4 at 16 UTC. (The coming weeks the sign off time on Sunday will be back to 20 UTC).

Reception reports are welcome at and by snail mail to World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark.

Best 73s, 
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
World Music Radio –