sabato 10 agosto 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: some logs of Sat August 10th

Some logs of Sat August 10th in Cape Canaveral FL state, central Europe and in Japan.

NIGERIA  7254.940 kHz  VoNigeria Abuja noted with fluttery signal of
S=8 or S=-79dBm signal strength, female interview presenter talk;
at 06.51 UT on Aug 10.

BRAZIL   Two Brazilian co-channel in rather "empty" 60 mb range,
noted at 06.30 UT on Aug 10,
4885.015 somewhat little stronger at S=6 in Cape Canaveral-FL
(likely R Clube do Para program ?) and same co-channel
4885.024 S=3-4 tiny signal too.
... and a lot of CODAR signal 'scratches' nearby in range
4736.0 - 4763.3, and
4885.8 - 4913.6 kHz.

9665.571 kHz on upper side flank now Brazilian station sermon heard
in central Europe post, at 07.08 UT on Aug 10, NOT FIX FREQU.,
variable 15 - 20 Hertz moved around up and down.

CANADA  6069.981 kHz CFRX Toronto, talk in En, at 06.45 UT heard in
remote SDR in Cape Canaveral-FL state, S=6 or -87dBm strength.

GREECE  9420even kHz, Greek Radio from Avlis site, Greek flute
folk music, proper signal, 10.8 kHz wideband, in music peaks
up to 20 kHz wideband. S=9+30dB or -35dBm proper signal here
in central Europe. 07.01 UT station ID by female presenter.
When checked again after 08.00 UT, was off at 08.10 UT.

GUINEA  9650even   At 07:05 UT today Aug 10 I have heard the program in
the 31 mb, the fq super-9650 kHz, and synonymous with the audio there
is nothing to complain, a Prayer in French ("Amen ...") in excellent audio
quality, I do not even know if they use the Beijing-China or French
Thales / Thomcat / Ampegon shortwave units. 9 kHz wideband signal
at S=9+10dB level or -69dBm strength.

Um 07.05 UT habe ich heute am 10. August auch das Programm im 31 mb
gehoert, die fq supergenau 9650 kHz, und auch bei der Audio gibt es nix zu
meckern, ein Prayer in Franzoesisch ("Amen ...") in vorzueglicher Audio
Qualitaet, ich weiss gar nicht, ob die chinesische TX Schaetzchen oder
franzoesische Thales/Thomcast/Ampegon units einsetzen.
Bei den Afrikanern hakt es ja meist auf der Feederline zwischen Funkhaus
und dem KW Sendezentrum aushaeusig, dies trifft fuer Conakry aber nicht zu.

TURKEY  11675.688 kHz TRT Emirler in Turkish, S=9 fluttery signal towards
NE/ME, heard also here in CeEUR, scheduled 06-11.55 UT, noted at 07.13 UT.
\\ same program on
11750.008 kHz towards all-Europe S=9+15dB at 07.21 UT.

11730.023 kHz noted TRT Emirler in Azeri language (Turk language similar)
at 07.14 UT station program ID by female presenter, S=9+5dB or -69dBm
strength here in CeEUR.

ALBANIA  11855 kHz via CRI European relay site at Cerrik Albania, Chinese
language program to all-Europe at 310degr, 07-09 UT, much overmodulated
powerhouse signal of S=9+50dB, IN PEAKS UP TO 90 kHz WIDEBAND signal.

SAUDI ARABIA  13780.009 kHz BSKSA Riyadh 1st Arabic program, via a
non-direction NVIS antenna towards Arab peninsula and ME target, but here
in WeEUR only weak strength of S=6 at 07.28 UT.

KOREA D.P.R.  13759.985 kHz VoKorea from Kujang site in Russian at 07.30 UT
not strong of S=7 level.

UNIDENTIFIED 13745.010 poor signal of S=4-5 level noted at 07.33 UT -
probably another SOH Taiwan outlet, or strange spurious of the 22 mb.

IRAN  13730.005 kHz IRIB Zahedan outlet in Arabic language, heard with
international news on Israel Politician Netanyahu etc.etc. S=9+15dB
at 07.40 UT.

KUWAIT   15109.701 kHz much odd fq Radio Kuwait Kabd with live phone-in
program in Filipino(!) language at 11.25 UT, in AM mode instead,
not R KWT Arabic in DRM 0945-1325 UT scheduled. S=9+10dB
and surprisingly on \\ 17760even kHz frequency in 16 mb to same program.
Content of phone-in: "... several laughing Filipino women ..."

and surprisingly odd fq of RRI Galbeni at 11.35 UT:
ROMANIA  17669.973 kHz RRI Galbeni English, S=5 signal heard
in Tokyo Japan remote SDR unit.

TX at Tiganesti RadioCom bcast center has been repaired now:

Austrian DXer Paul Gager told me yesterday Aug 9th, that the
German language sce from RRI Tiganesti is back on air on 7355 kHz
again via Tiganesti site towards short-distance settled audience
near Austrian capital Vienna / Burgenland
usually daily at 14.00-14.57 UT.

Now on Aug 10th RRI Tiganesti in Russian language at 13.00 UT heard
also on both Tiganesti channels again ON AIR, heard at Tokyo remote
Perseus SDR units on 9890 and 11940 kHz, both S=8-9 signal across northern
Siberia path to Far East Russia audience.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)