sabato 3 agosto 2019

Something's always wrong at TRT Voice of Turkey Emerler transmitting station

TURKEY  At 21.15 UT Aug 3rd only this single service via SW ON AIR:

9620.021 kHz Emirler TRT in English towards South Asia.

2030-2130 UT 39-41,49,54,55,58-60 EMR  500 105  Eng TUR TRT

S=9+35dB signal strength in Delhi India remote SDR.
S=9+25dB in Doha Qatar remote SDR.
21.22 UT Turkish typical string instrument folk music.
21.26 UT end of En sce, and followed at
21.26:35 UT annmt TRT in ITALIAN language.

TX switch OFF at 21.31:20 UT.

Nothing heard of TRT on 9830 kHz. (TRT VOT with strong signal 2156 in English on 9830 - Ivo Ivanov)

73 wb