domenica 4 agosto 2019

Radio Cook Islands last day of broadcast on AM 630 Khz will be 5th of August

”It’s the end of an era- the AM 630kHz radio mast which has graced the Matavera skyline for decades will soon be brought down. CIIC's Tamarii Tutangata confirms that a contract for the dismantling was signed today and Raro Welding has been awarded the job.
According to Raro Welding’s Esben Torget, work will commence on Tuesday 6th August 2019.
Radio Cook Islands has been announcing for listeners on Rarotonga to switch their radios to the FM frequency of 101MHz since June 2019.
Unfortunately, the FM stations in the Southern Group are not working so they will have no radio at all apart from the individual radio stations on some islands. The FM stations in the Northern Group will continue to operate as per normal. (Each island has different frequencies, and each island knows their frequency)
The official last day of operation for AM 630kHz will be Monday 5th August 2019. The last major events to be broadcast live on AM 630kHz will be the Celebration of the 54th Constitution Day on Sunday 4th August at 6.30pm, followed by the prize-giving and closing ceremony of the Te Maeva Nui celebrations on Monday 5th August from 10am”.
(via Chris Rogers, Australia, DX LISTENING DIGEST)