lunedì 5 agosto 2019

Kai Ludwig: Romania observations

Why, in the first place, is there any need for such cover? There is not a single moment throughout the day at which more than two Tiganesti transmitters are on air simultaneously with RRI programming. This detailed schedule shows only "T1" and "T2" from the start:

Now you could speculate that the third transmitter is not operational: But in this case no IRRS transmissions after 1200 could originate from Romania without dropping an RRI transmission. Now you could speculate that IRRS has absolute priority on this transmitter: But in this case it would still be available as aux outside the very limited IRRS slots.

One year ago there was a similar situation of one Tiganesti transmitter allegedly being faulty. Back then monitoring around the time of the weekend noon transmissions of IRRS brought definite evidence of the Saftica transmitter used both for RRI on Tiganesti frequencies and, with priority, for 9510 kHz transmissions of IRRS.

Is there evidence of the site usage for the evening transmissions of IRRS (under own label on 7290 and of Radio Warra Wangeelaa on 15515)? I remember some row about this topic but no real reasons being given for either theory.

I fear that, due to time constraints, I have nothing further to add at this point. Just wanted to point out that something does not add up here and, I'm sorry to say, apparently alternative facts about Romanian shortwave operations are being offered (further remarks about "Secretbrod" are unnecessary anyway). And one wild speculation: The same happened exactly a year ago, so I would not be surprised if just some kind of maintenance takes place and needs to be camouflaged as a fault, whatever the motivation may be.

By the way, RRI is proud of having broadcast in Russian already since 1975, resisting an urge to not put these broadcasts on shortwave but only deliver them for transmission to Vsesoyznoye Radio, within the "Golosa Drusey" ("voices of the friends") scheme. Apparently "Golosa Drusey" was not limited to these rebroadcasts, as this excerpt of videotape from 1978 shows, with a very nice appearance of East German radio personality Peter Niedziella in the concert studio of Ostankino TV centre:

(Kai Ludwig via WOR io group)