mercoledì 2 gennaio 2019

Radio France studio equipment auxion

Radio France is renovating its famous Studio 105 and is selling off functional, but obsolete equipment in an auction and at the studio in the Maison de Radio France on January 19. Pianos, Nagra sound recorders (in "bad shape"), audio consoles and even audience chairs are being sold off. There are lots of Gorgy clocks, where the seconds are indicated by LEDs that renew every minute, but I'm not sure if they work independent of a central controller.

Electronic items can be found at:

Six pianos are available:

If you want to inspect any of the items in person, you can sign up for a January 14 viewing here:

As an aside, I notice that Art Richelieu recently auctioned off a Syd Barrett 45rpm for about $12,000. The ORTF drilled into the disc in pinholes suggests that the single came from the Radio France library:

(Mike Cooper, GA, Jan 1, DX LISTENING DIGEST)