sabato 5 gennaio 2019

Radio Farda and All India Radio

re 9420 kHz R Farda single day on Jan 4th, probably antenna repair test on dipols at IBB BBG Lampertheim Germany ?
Nothing heard today on that channel at 0850 UT Jan 5th.

Instead noted nearby in 31 mb in Doha Qatar and Delhi remote units:

9989.997 kHz seldom odd fq operation of R Farda,
via IBB BBG Kuwait al-Dschahra relay site, 3 Hz down at 0918 UT.

9865even AIR Bangalore, S=7 only in Qatar, 0914 UT.

9729.998 probably Myanmar R Rangoon, S=7-8 only.

9650.039 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh's new daylight fq Arabic sce, S=9+10dB at 0910

9620.009 AIR Urdu at 0905 UT, S=8 in Qatar. warm-up unstable

At 0945-0950 UT
9380.001 AIR Aligarh very weak signal, low power ?

6100 kHz OFF, nothing on air.

but noted 7340.002 AIR Urdu sce on air.

73 wb