martedì 1 gennaio 2019

New RNZI Pidgin broadcasts

** NEW ZEALAND. MARE Gary Vance commented about his New Zealand log:

This log caused me to remember two songs that Ringo Starr sang. "With a Little Help from My Friends" and "It Don't Come Easy"

First: without the assistance of my friend Kenneth Zichi I would still be wracking my brain. (I told him that RNZ had begun relaying the Pidgin programme of Radio Australia... kvz.) 

Second: The Wantok Program is listed as being on 9700 kHz but not 6115 kHz where I heard it. One day later December 20, 2018 1250 UT I don't hear it or see a trace of it on either frequency. Could this have been a test?

6115, Radio New Zealand International (Presumed), Rangitaiki 1241+ 19-Dec, 2 OM, one was "Sam Seke", speaking Pidgin English. UNID OM was reciting a list of "Conditions". "Number 1", "Number 2" etc. Words I heard: must, government, 2018, Papua New Guinea, assembly Washington and finally at 1244 UT, YL Caroline Tiriman said something about a Beach then ID "This is ABC Radio Australia".

Just before the abrupt signoff at 1258 Sam Seke mentioned time 8 o'clock "This is ABC Radio Australia Wantok program". The signal fair but steady very readable (Gary Vance, Grand Ledge MI, Quantum Loop, +Sony ICF-7600, MARE Tipsheet Dec 28 via DXLD)

Hi Adrian, Can you explain this, from the Michigan Tipsheet? Happy New Year, (Glenn to Adrian Sainsbury, RNZI, Dec 31, via DXLD)

Hi Glenn, There was one test on 6115 on 20 Dec 1100-1358 UT.

Last month RNZ Pacific introduced the following Melanesian programmes -:

From RNZ Pacific news in Pidgin followed by news from Buzz FM Vanuatu, plays at 1130 and 1430 UT. Will be back on air from  21 January.

•          News in Pidgin   – presented by Koroi Hawkins
•          BuzzFM News – from Port Vila, Vanuatu

The Wantok Program -  30 minutes of news and current affairs from ABC Australia from Monday to Friday in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin, Solomon Islands Pidgin and Vanuatu Bislama pidgin languages. Plays at 1028,  1230, 2230 UT. Will be back on air from 14 January. Happy New Year, (Adrian Sainsbury, UT Dec 31, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

So normal frequencies are currently 9765 at 1028, 9700 at 1130 & 1230, 7390 at 1430, 15720 at 2230 (gh)