giovedì 10 gennaio 2019

AIR National Channel went off air this morning

This is to inform that the National Channel of All India Radio operating on 1215 kHz New Delhi, 1566 kHz Nagpur & 9380 kHz Aligarh has closed down from this morning  12 [sic] Jan 2019, at 0613 IST (0043 UT). They used to operate at 1320 to 0043 UT daily since 1987 or so. 

An open carrier is till heard on 9380 kHz now while checking  at 1445 UT.

Yours sincerely,
(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio 
Hyderabad, India

Mobile: +91 94416 96043,
Jan 10, dx_india yg via DXLD)

Thank you. I suppose Vividh Bharati still continues on 9380 kHz as before. Best regards, (Mauno Ritola, Finland, ibid.)