domenica 26 marzo 2017

KJES Deming NM SW plans update

Press Release --- I wanted to give you a quick update about me and KJES. I thank everyone for their concern. I have had several setbacks in my health and the construction of KJES. I am doing better but it is a long road back. The construction, or should I say the destruction of KJES has been delayed due to the contractor performing other work on the Former KJES building. Hopefully this  will change soon. I hope to be back on the air from the new site by this time next year. But that my be a bit short as the FCC and other powers move at their own pace. I thank everyone for there concern and good wishes and hope to make some progress In the next few weeks (Jon Gorski, IA, March 20, WORLD OF RADIO 1870, DX LISTENING DIGEST)