lunedì 27 luglio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel log

North American target log July 27 at 17.00 til 18.15 UT in Massachusetts, Cape Canaveral FL state, and mostly at Edmonton Alberta CANADA remote Perseus SDR rx units.

 7490.039 USA  WBCQ poor S=4 string visible in Alberta, S=7 in MA and FL.
          17.10 UT on July 27.
 9330even USA  WBCQ likely English WLC service, 17.12 UT S=6-7 in Alberta,
          S=9+25dB in MA, nothing noted in Cape Canaveral FL state, 17.20
 9435.012 KRE  Voice of Korea KCBS Korean language sce from Kujang site,
          S=8 or -79dBm strength at 17.23 UT on July 27.
 9460.004 TUR  Voice of Turkey Emirler in Turkish, requested 16-21 UTC,
          S=7-8 or -81dBm signal, nice Turkish mx program heard. 17.25 UT
 9499.970 SWZ  TWR Africa E'swatini Manzini site, much odd frequency,
          need to be aligned exactly now at Manzini SWZ.
          S=6-7 sidelobe, Amharic HoA relay service, at 17.26 UT,
 and co-channel
 9500even ROU  RRI Galbeni site in Roumanian language too.
 9615even PHL  BBC London Korean language service via USAGM relay site
          at Tinang the Philippines. 17.27 UT, S=9+10dB or -68dBm signal
          strength, 11.6 kHz wide audioband, nice signal via Alaska, and
          western Canada into Alberta path.
 9665.003 KRE  KCBS Korean language sce via Kanggye bcast center, nice
          easy listening, sweet Korean mx singer, at 17.30 UT on July 27.
 9720even BUL  Dimtse Radio Erena, Horn of AF mx, via SPC-NURTS Spaceline
          Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, S=8 backlobe via
          Iceland Greenland path into Alberta CAN, at 17.33 UT.
 9790.030 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh in Arabic at 17.35 UT, non-directional ?
          poor and tiny S=5 or -88dBm.
 9840.021 TUR  Voice of Turkey, Emirler, rather limited poor signal of
          S=5-6 at 17.37 UT into Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Perseus SDRrx
 9970even CHN  CNR1 and Firedrake 'ching bumm jamming' music concert, at
          17.39 UT S=7-8 fair in Alberta-CAN remotedly heard.
          Against USAGM Agingan Point Saipan MRA service.
 9990.035 MRA  USAGM Agingan Point Saipan Pacific relay of Korean language
          sce, at 17.41 UT on July 27, S=7-8 strength in Alberta-CAN.

11530even CUB  Cuban Spy Numbers station in Spanish, at 17.42 UT July 27,
          S=8-9 in Alberta, underneath Kurdish Denge Welat from
          Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac Moldova?
11610even UK   VoA Oromo service via ENC Woofferton England relay site,
          proper S=9+25dB or -52dBm strength in Alberta,
          10.4 kHz wideband audio at 17.45 UT.
11669.994 ESP  This tx unit from REE Noblejas is some 6 Hertz minus fq
          lately. But all others are even fq: 11940 and 12030 kHz.
          S=8-9 strength fluttery, 11940 S=8, but strongest signal
          on 12030 kHz S=9+10dB at 17.47 - 17.57 UT.
11709.998 KRE  Voice of Korea, KCBS from Kujang site and D.P.R. National
          Anthem played at 17.48 UT. S=9+5dB or -69dBm armchair signal.
11745even ARS  Al-Azm Army Radio probably from Yeddah site, S=9 at 17.50
11769.892 NIG  Surprisingly strong signal into northern Canada Alberta
          remote SDR rx: Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, S=8 or -84dBm, speech
          in vernacular. At 17.51 UT on July 27.
11850even ROU  RRI Tiganesti broadcast in English, S=9+10dB at 17.53 UT,
          some items of "Culture and Nature" program noticed.
Bad two station MIXTURE on
11860 kHz of USA  USAGM Greenville outlet of Spanish Radio Marti program
and equal level from
11860 kHz ARS  Republic of Yemen Excile Sana'a radio program likely from
          Jeddah? site.  Both S=9 at 17.54 UT, Arabic language.
11930even USA  USAGM Greenville, NC state, R Marti Spanish radio program
          towards Cuban island in Caribbean bassin.
          S=9+15dB or -64dBm at 17.56 UT.
11975even ROU  RRI Galbeni in Romanian language, S=9+15dB at 17.58 UT.
12005even UK   USARM Farsi program via ENC Woofferton England relay bcast
          center, 13-18 UT scheduled, at 17.59 UT S=9+5dB backlobe signal
12050even USA  WEWN 'Radio Catholica Mundial' in Spanish language section
          S=9 in Alberta Canada remotedly. At 18 UT from Vandiver AL.
12070even KWT  USAGM Amharic sce from IBB exBBG USAGM VoA Kuwait
          al-Dschahra suburb Kuwait relay site, S=9 backlobe at 18.03 UT
          on July 27 in Alberta Canada remotedly.
12094.985 UAE  Seldom odd tx unit 'of four' at Al Dhabbaya relay site,
          at 18.06 UT BBC London Oromo sce to HoAF at 17.50-18.10 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 27)