martedì 19 maggio 2020

Radio 192 specials tonight

Today Tuesday, May 19th, 21:00-23:00 UK time: 2 specials on !

The first hour will be filled with Hilversum I & II in the 50's and the early years of Radio Veronica. The second hour will be part 3 in the series about Jim Pewter.

American dj Jim Pewter was known for his legendary oldies shows that could be heard on the American Forces Network (AFN), especially in the '70's.

Frank van Heerde listened to a lot of those shows back then and compiled a special program based on Jim Pewter's choice. Quite a lot of doo-wop and surf from the early 60s and many records that were hardly heard in Europe. For the rest, you'll hear some info about Jim Pewter, the AFN and the American music scene in de 50s.

As always, Frank gives brief information but primarily plays lots of music!

Happy listening!

production and presentation: Frank van Heerde

engineering: Jaap Lensen