lunedì 18 maggio 2020

CNR's shortwave DRM test transmission effective from May 14

According to Chinese BCL site, shortwave DRM test transmission of CNR’s 1st  program “Voice of China” changed the frequencies and schedules on May 14.

9420kHz and 7360kHz from Qiqihar transmitter site(QIQ) were no longer used, 11995kHz was add instead. The transmitting schedule from Qiqihar site was reduced 1 hour from 0000-1000 to 0100-1000. The new transmission hours  from Qiqihar site are; 0100-1000 11995 1000-1200 9870

The whole DRM transmission schedule effective from May 14 is as follows;
   6030kHz 2025-1805 BEI 30kW 0deg (except Tue 0600-900) to Northern China
 9655kHz 2200-0100 URU 30kW 98deg to Northern and Eastern China
 9655kHz 0800-1200 URU 30kW 98deg to Northern and Eastern China
 9870kHz 1000-1200 QIQ 30kW 203deg to Southern China
11695kHz 0100-0900 DOF 30kW 41deg to Eastern and Southern China
11995kHz 0100-1000 QIQ 30kW 225deg to Northern Chinaa
13810kHz 0400-1100 KUN 30kW 32deg to Northern China
13825kHz 0100-0900 BEI 30kW 175deg to Southern China
15180kHz 0100-0400 KUN 30kW 320deg to Northern China
17770kHz 0100-0900 DOF 30kW 16deg to Northern China
17830kHz 0100-0800 URU 30kW 98deg to Northern and Eastern China

Takahito Akabayashi
Tokyo, Japan

(via WOR io group)