martedì 17 marzo 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

log March 17 at 11.00 - 11.47 UT
in remote units at Cape Canaveral FL, NY, NJ, MA eastern states,
KiwiNet via S.P. Brazil and Bonaire Antilles remotedly:

4980even USA  Maybe CELLO instrument mx at 11.02 UT likely from WRMI
Okeechobee site, S=7 level. Nothing heard in Alberta, Japan,
nor in Europe. So seemingly came from Florida site.

Little stronger at S=8-9 level on
5010even USA  WRMI music program at S=8-9 at 11.07 UT in MA state remote

5025even CUB  R Rebelde from Bauta, 20 kHz wideband DISTORTED audio quality.
S=9+25dB at 11.09 UT on March 17.

6000even CUB  (RadioCuba technician seeming ALIGNED that tx unit
         recently ?, now settled again 6 Hertz higher on exact frequency
         of x.000 kHz). 11.11 UT
         RHC Spanish via Quivican San Felipe TITAN site 250 kW. S=9+25dB.

7340even CUB  RHC Bejucal in Spanish towards Antilles at 110 degrees,
         S=6-7 not strong backlobe signal in NoEastern states of US.
         AT 11.20 UT on March 17.
         From Bejucal former USSR relay 50 kW unit site.

9535.003 CUB  RHC Bejucal at 11.24 UT, S=8 fair signal into MA, NJ, NY US.

11760even CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish steep fountain signal to all-Caribbean,
          S=7-8 into MA, NY, NJ states. 11.27 UT.

13700 / 13740 kHz nothing from 11.00 UT in A-20/DST provisional schedule.

13780even CUB  RHC Bejucal outlet noted at 11.35 and at 11.47 UT,
          S=9+15dB in MA, NJ, NY US NoEastern states.
          Today excellent audio quality in 22 meterband from the island.

15140even CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish at 11.27 UT.
          Only weak S=4-5 in North-Eastern states of US.

Nothing noted on 15230 kHz at 11.40 UT.

Nothing noted at 12.00 UT on Bauta site 6100 kHz 340degr
to western US states as special ?  Mon-Thur "Mesa Redonda" ?

THAILAND  5875even R Thailand Udorn Thani S=9+5dB, at 11.10 UT on March 17
          in remote Massachussets SDR rx unit.

ECUADOR   6049.998 HCJB Quito Spanish annmt, S=7 or -84dBm at 11.16 UT.

BRAZIL    6180.031 RNB Brasilia BrasPortuguese, poor S=5 in MA state and
          on Kiwiset at Sao Paulo, Brazil. 11.21 UT.

NEW ZEALAND  6115.004  NZL  R NZi from Rangitaiki in English, S=8-9 fluttery
             Talk on PNG government issue, Bougainville matter talk.
             English at 11.18 UT on March 17.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)