giovedì 26 marzo 2020

AIR Mumbai and others

AIR Mumbai is noted with continuous service throughout the night for the last 3 days on the following 2 MW frequencies.

558 kHz  100 kW    Vividh Bharati  (Replacing  Asmita Channel program)
1044 kHz 100 kW AIR Live News 24 x 7 (Replacing Samvadita Channel program)

Program schedules of  AIR stations have changed and programs with emphasis on the Corona Virus pandemic are broadcast.

Stations having more than 1 channel have merged channels.

Many stations are noted relaying Vividh Bharati Service from Mumbai often instead of normal programs.

Live streaming of most stations of AIR is available in “Live Radio” in

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Doordarshan TV:

Most of the terrestrial TV transmitters (including DTT) is off air (except those in some Union territories). However their programs are available in DTH and other platforms.

Live streaming of Doordarshan News Channel is in:


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS