mercoledì 12 febbraio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Quick log during local Korean / Japanese morning 1-2 UT, Febr 12 both in Hirsoshima and Gifu SDR, as well as in northern Tokyo Japan remote access units.

2850.004 KRE  KCBS Army brass band music. S=7 00.45 UT

Nothing noted on 3220, 3485 nor 3560 kHz.

3909.984 KOR/KRE VoP, and bubble jamming, 00.51 UT,
         S=4-5 daytime propagation signal
         Jamming peaks on 3909.140 3910.8
3934.987 KOR  VoP S=8 -84dBm Korean, not jammed by KRE, 01.02 UT.
4450even KOR  VoP S=8 -81dBm signal, sirene / howl buoy like jamming.
         at 01.08 UT. Some jamming peaks on 4448.270 .470 .570 4449.956
         4450.450 .650  4451.350 kHz
5857.508 KOR  HLL Seoul Meteo, carrier only S=8 at 01.18 UT.
5920even KOR  VoF, also bubble jamming underneath, S=7-8, 01.20 UT
         + / minus 650 Hertz jamming peaks.
6099.997 KRE  KCBS Pyongyang Kanggye, light music Korean pops morning
         program. S=9+10dB in Japan, 01.25 UT.
6251 scratch and loco jamming noise only, S=7 at 01.31 UT Febr 12.
6255even KOR  EoH, S=9+5dB daytime signal, NOT jammed. 01.33 UT.
         9 kHz wideband audio.
6446even JAP  QPS  slot machine, S=9+5dB 01.36 UT.
6600even KOR  VoP S=8-9 signal, not jammed 01.37 UT.
9105even KOR  EoH / VoH S=9+10dB, not jammed, some women laughing,
         funny housewives radio program. 01.40 UT on Febr 12.
9665even KRE  KCBS Pyonyang, female singer entertainment, S=8-9
         at 01.56 UT.
9580even KOR  KBS English at 02.10 UT, nx reader on Hong Kong and virus,
         10 kHz wideband signal, but not QRM free, some co-channel of
         CHN  PBS Xizang Tibetan, Lhasa Baiding site.

and a lot of TWN SOH in 31 mb heard,
and accomp CHN mainland CNR1 jamming 20 kHz wideband.
Also RFA Tibetan and CHN jamming too. 02.25 UT.

9610even  Strange CNR8th domestic program in Mongolian.
Played Latin American culture music,
like exciting Cuban Rhumba rhythms like Rebelde / Progreso CubanRadio,
01.54 UT S=8-9 in Japan.

73 wolfie df5sx