sabato 8 febbraio 2020

South Asia log at 03.28 to 03.57 UT on Febr 8, at Colombo remote Perseus SDR rx

6035 kHz at 03.35 UT today Febr 8, many thanks Victor:

Checked the South Asia target on sunrise time at 03.30 UT on Febr 8
on remote SDR rx unit at Victor's location in Piliyandala near Colombo
in Sri Lanka island.

Many thanks Victor,
after a long silence periode to get access in South Asian remote SDR's

I joined your 'sweet Perseus' server tonight at 03.28 to 03.57 UT time slot,
I've got the Thimpu Bhutan signal on 6035even frequency kHz too,
S=5-6 on morning daytime path after Sunrise to Piliandala Ceylon,
language was domestic vernacular, scheduled 'Sharchop' in Aoki Nagoya DC

vy73 to Niromi too,
de wolfie  df5sx  from Stuttgart Germany.

5040.002 IND  AIR Jeypore, female Hindi singer performed, 03.28 UT Febr 8,
         S=6-7 or -88dBm strength.
5950even ETH  all Ethiopians on S=6-7 or -87dBm level, HoA mx at 03.30 UT
6030even ETH  R Oromiya from Gedja site, and
6090.003 ETH  R Amhara at 03.40 UT, and
6110even ETH  R Fana in Oromo language, same time slot on Febr 8.
5959.882 KWT  R Kuwait in Arabic, usual odd fq, from Kabd site, S=9 signal
         at 03.32 UT.
6065.006 MDG  AWR Malagasy service, via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar
         relay facility, 03-04 UT, S=8 at 03.38 UT on Febr 8.
6140.021 IND  AIR Urdu morning prayer, local singer, drums, mx program
         towards Kandahar, AFG and Kashmir target. S=8-9 at 03.43 UT.
6150even ROU  RRI Galbeni Spanish sce, S=8 surprisingly signal, 03.45 UT.
6170even AUT  AWR Persian sce via ORS Moosbrunn site in Austria, S=9 at
         03.47 UT, sidelobe across Iran-Persia into Sri Lanka SDR rx.
6180even MDG  WCB via MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, MDG, Madagascar
         bcast relay station, S=8-9 backlobe into South Asia at 03.47 UT.
         "Voce de Negre ?"-or similar, mentioned often, addresses in
         Florida-US state and Cuba given.
6195even OMA  BBC English sce via Al Seela Oman relay center of
         ENC Encompass Digital Media Services. S=9+15dB in Sri Lanka
         remote Perseus SDR rx used. 03.49 UT.
7240.005 TUR  TRT Emirler in Uighur language, Turk folk settled in
         Kazakhstan and western China border target. S=8 signal 03.51 UT.
7270even IND  AIR likely "FM Gold" program, pop mx of South Asia style
         played, via Madras-Chennai in India. S=9+40dB powerhouse at
         03.57 UT. Extrem wideband audio block range of 32 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 8)