mercoledì 8 gennaio 2020

Log of Wed Jan 8th at 10.30-13.00 UT in remote SDR rx at Hiroshima Japan

Log of Wed Jan 8th at 10.30-13.00 UT in remote SDR rx at Hiroshima Japan.

 620.981 KRE  Chongjin Nanan S=9+20dB  10.40 UT
 656.996 KRE  Pyongyang S=9+15dB  10.42 UT
 711even KOR  HLKA KBS S=9+20dB  10.44 UT
 801.026 KRE  KCBS Kimchaek 10.46 UT
 809.999 mix  KOR / KRE S=9  10.50 UT
 972even KOR  KBS1 Dangjin S=9+20dB  10.51 UT
1170even KOR  KBS Kimjae S=9+20dB  10.53 UT
1188even KOR  FEBC western church sermon sung radio px S=8-9  10.55 UT
1566even KOR  RFA hour / FEBC Jeju Island S=9+25dB  10.57 UT

2850even KRE  KCBS Pyongyang S=9+35dB  10.58 UT
3219.897 KRE  KCBS Hamnung S=9+10dB  11.08 UT
3319.994 KRE  KCBS Pyongyang S=9+25dB  11.10 UT
3479.986  ex 3485v kHz
         KOR  VoP Kyonggi Korean S=9+35dB powerhouse, and
         KRE  Bubble jamming underneath, 25 strings x 400 Hertz apart
         distance either sideband visible, 11.13 UT
3909.964  ex 3915v kHz
         KOR  VoP Kyonggi Korean S=9+35dB powerhouse, nice signal
         20 kHz wideband audio, underneath poor KRE jammer, 11.15 UT
3925even JAP  R Nikkei 1st px, S=9+20dB  11.18 UT
3934.990  ex 3930v kHz
         KOR  VoP Kyonggi Korean S=9+35dB powerhouse, 20 kHz wideband
         audio, nice signal, 11.20 UT;
         underneath some bubble multiple echo signal jamming from KRE.
3985.013 KOR  EoHope Hwaseong, S=9+35dB at 11.22 UT,
         underneath Kujang KRE jamming.
4449.998 KOR  VoP Kyonggi, 30 kHz wideband signal traced, and
         KRE  scratching jamming, not bubble type, from Kujang KRE,
         S=9+30dB  11.37 UT
4890even  ex 4885 kHz
         EoH/VoH Seoul Korean, clear audio - no jamming S=9+15dB  11.40 UT
5857.514 KOR  HLL  Meteo Seoul station, S=9+5  11.43 UT
5920even - not traced KOR, probably weak VoFreedom KOR underneath (?)  -
         KRE only observed heavy very strong powerhouse jamming, combined
         bubble audio and scratch digital jamming type.  S=9+20d  11.45 UT
         9 kHz small jamming, seemingly to avoid to jam neighbours from
         China mainland as CRI Russian Huhot 5915, and CNR5 sce on 5925 kHz

3 x jamming services from KRE against NOTHING (?)
5977 - 6002 kHz wideband, 5995.040 kHz carrier seen, KOR or KRE center.
6005 - 6025 kHz wideband, carrier seen 6015 kHz even.
6035 - 6052 kHz wideband 6045 kHz center, hit also Nikkei 1 signal flank.
6055.001 JAP  R Nikkei 1st px, S=9+40dB  11.50 UT.

6070even KRE  Voice of Korea Kanggye, Japanese sce, army chorus performed
         at 12.04 UT, S=9+5dB, (!) TOTALLY OVERMODULATED (!), audio not
         understandable, when female announcer appeared at 12.08 UT
         only audio portion on (!) LSB-mode (!) readable,
         totally silent on upper fq flank.
6090even JAP  NHK Radio Japan, Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata site, Korean 11.00-11.30
         S=9+55dB powerhouse, 11 kHz wide audioband, 12.10 UT.
6169.991 KRE  But only INTERMODULATION jamming audio from Kujang bcast
         center site heard instaed, S=9+15dB 12.14 UT, not KCBS px heard,
         TX outlet meant at 28 degrees northwards to ALS, WeCAN, CA, AZ, TX
         MEX, CUB azimuth target.
6185even KRE  The other KCBS outlet from Kujang at this hour azimuth towards
         South East Asia at 238 degrees out of Kujang, S=9+25dB sidelobe,
         at 12.16 UT on Jan 8.

6249.993 KOR  EoH/VoH Seoul, Korean, BEST ON LSB FLANK, noise free.
         S=9+35dB; and jamming instead on upper flank only up to 6253.5 kHz
         S=9+05dB, some multi-tone 160 / 320 / 480 Hertz noise hopping
         pressure jamming. 12.18 UT.
6350 equal audio level, both KOR  EoH / and KRE scratch jamming type signals
6350.033 KOR  EoH Hwaseong, Korean, carrier visible, S=9+30dB  12.22 UT.
6400even KRE  Pyongyang BS, Korean, up to 15 kHz wideband music program,
         S=9+15dB  12.38 UT.

6519.971 KOR  VoP Korean S=9+25dB, \\ 6600even kHz, very nice lady singer
         performance like Joan Baez voice, 20 kHz wideband signal,
         but also underneath heavy scratch noise jamming. 12.43 UT.

6600even KOR  VoP Korean, \\ 6519.971 kHz.
         S=9+20dB at 12.48 UT; and
         KRE  noise scratching jamming underneath, 14 kHz wideband.

7590even UZB  Likely from RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center,
         RFNK Korean sce, S=8 signal in Hiroshima Japan southern Korea
         azimuth lobe from CeAsia.

9100 kHz  NOTHING noted here from Korea's.
9105even  ex 9100 kHz, 13.00 UT  Jan 8.
         KOR  EoH/VoH Seoul, Korean, \\ 6249.993  and 6350.033 kHz, S=9

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)