lunedì 2 dicembre 2019

IRAN INTERNATIONAL TV audio relay now also via Jordan MW 801 kHz ?

ARMENIA/IRAN-non/JORDAN?  Persian 'IRAN INTERNATIONAL TV' audio relay via 1395 kHz Yerevan Gavar site, 24 hrs around the clock, and another mediumwave entry since Tue Nov 26 also put into RMS log file via (probably Ajlun Jordan) on mediumwave 801 kHz, at 14-04 UTC. Formerly powerhouse 1000 / 2000 kW units location, but were layed up / mothballed in past years though.

Mauno, is this 'IRAN INTERNATIONAL TV' audio 801 kHz channel real on air now ?

I assume the new program in the channel 801 kHz does not come from Manama Bahrain unit ?

Any ideas ?

73 wolfie