mercoledì 13 novembre 2019

WRMI observations

The complex schedule of the many WRMI txions and programme
>>> drives me crazy. <<<wb.<<<<

log Nov 13, WRMI Okeechobee FL,
08-09 UT RAE Japanese on two channels 5850 and 7730 kHz
both S=9+15dB in Edmonton-CAN remote SDR.
despite 5950 channel not RAE Japanese,
but real music program,
even like Turkish/Greek Balkan type music, before 09 UT.

From 0900 UT Nov 13, S=9+15dB in Alberta-CAN:
RAE Chinese Mandarin sce ONLY on single 5950 kHz.

OFF air 5850, 7730 at 09.00 UT Nov 13.
7780 TOM BS roarer S=9+25dB at 09.05 UT.
9395 WRMI likely SMTV, fq annmt of TV and FM stn, only S=6-7
9455 TOM BS S07-8 at 09.08 UT Nov 13.

73 wb  df5sx