giovedì 7 novembre 2019

CHU 7850 kHz Down

From: National Research Council Canada
System status
3.330 MHz:   online
7.850 MHz:   offline since [2019-10-28 at 17:00 UTC]
14.670 MHz: online

I'll try to find out why. I personally found them missing on 2 November when setting up to record WRMI. I try to start each recording with a time signal from CHU or WWV as the recorder I typically use does not time stamp the files. 


From the NRC officer in charge of the transmitters:
"I have had a series of problems with both the main and backup 7850 kHz transmitters and now possibly with the antenna system. Due to other commitments and bad weather that signal is still off the air. 
"I will probably not get it back up this week, I am hoping for early next week."

(Richard Langley via WOR io group)