sabato 12 ottobre 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: Log Oct 12

CUBA   At 03.10 UT on Sat Oct 12, only few transmissions on air from Cuba,
seemingly little short of main electricity on Cuba island these days ?

4765even CUB  Radio Progreso from Bejucal site, Spanish Latin mx program
         at 03.10 UT, S=8 or -75dBm on remote SDRs in Cape Canaveral FL,
         and Detroit MI state.

Also hit of CODAR signals on nearby 4440-4590, and 4758-4793 kHz range.

5025even CUB  Radio Rebelde S=9+15dB or -58dBm signal, Cuban pop mx,
         at 03.18 UT on Oct 12.
5999.995 CUB  RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN English sce, political
         commentary S=9+30dB or -43dBm strong, 18 kHz wideband signal,
         little message of China President to Cuban Pres Raul Castro,
         and Pres Putin great also.
6165even CUB  RHC Bauta seemingly off air, nothing traced at 03.48 UT.
5040even CUB  RHC Bauta mx program at 03.21 UT Oct 12, S=9+15dB or -60dBm
         in FL & MI state,
6100even CUB  RHC Bauta seemingly, poor and tiny today in MA state S=5.

and some more logs in 60, 49, and 41 mb this Oct 12 morning.

5085even USA  WTWW English, at 03.23 UT, S=9+15dB or -61dBm.
         Seemingly commercial, phone no. '866 9808 0073' given for example
7505.002 USA  WRNO on air at 03.25 UT on Oct 12, S=8 signal.
7140.021 and 7180.020 kHz both ERItrea Asmara morning signal, tiny signal
         in MA state US, across Atlantic Ocean. S=4-5 or -105 ... -110dBm.
         At 03.28 on Oct 12.
7260even CVA  VoA US state company via Vatican Radio site at Santa Maria
         di Galeria. VoA Somalia Arabic language sce, S=9+5dB or -69dBm
         at 03.31 UT, 'VoA Toronto reporter ...' heard at 03.41 UT.
7305even OMA  BBC  A'Seela Oman relay, Persian service heard at 03.32 UT,
         S=9+10dB or -62dBm, modern Persian song/mx heard.
7385.003 USA  WHRI poor S=7 signal in Cape Canaveral FL state, 03.34 UT,
         Aoki Nagoya userlist tells 'Heart to Heart' program.
7315v - two services co-channel hit each other.
7314.995 USA  WHRI Cypress Creek SC, pastor sermon, like BS, but Lester
         Sumrall sermon schedule, at 03.42 UT, not strong signal.
7315.001 F__  Radio Tamazui program via TDF Issoudun France at 03.37 UT
         much stronger when switched Perseus to Blackpool or Parma Italy
         SDR rx server. S=8 in Europe backlobe azimuth.
7490.051 USA  Much poor carrier string visible at 03.38 UT on Oct 12,
         seemingly older WBCQ unit ?
6184.996 MEX  XEPPU R Educacion Mexico City, S=8 or -82dBm signal in
         Detroit MI state, at 03.44 UT on Oct 12.
6105even F__  NHK Radio Japan via TDF Issoudun relay in Spanish, at 03.49
         Taifun report, S=9+30dB powerful -52dBm signal.
6080even BOT  fq minus 1 Hz, VoA English, talk on private media, S=9+5dB
         in FL state SDR rx, at 03.52 UT,
         and at 04.03 UT on
5925even BOT  VoA Botswana too, S=9+5dB or -72dBm at 04.03 UT.
6040even ROU  RRI from Tiganesti site, less strong this morning S=9+10dB
         pop mx, at 03.53 UT.
6020even ALB  CRI European relay site at Cerrik Albania, combined 300kW
         units, S=9+25dB or -51dBm, Chinese childrens choir pop mx,
         at 03.55 UT on Oct 12.
5985even USA  WRMI poor and tiny program, drums followed by 'Bob Zanotti'
         mentioned 03.58 UT, S=7 poor at 04.00 UT, noted in Detroit MI.
5970even USA  EWTN Spanish, one of the stronger and cleaner US stns in
         49 mb, S=9+25dB at 04.01 UT.
5950even USA  WRMI weak and tiny, like TX Exciter outlet only ? 04.03 UT
5829.987 USA  WTWW, En phone talk about problems of the listeners audience
         'Lord Help Me', 'Jesus Is Real', at 04.07 UT S=9+25dB.
5850even USA  WRMI Okeechobee powerful of TOM B_Stair roarer program,
         S=9+30dB in Edmonton, Alberta CAN, at 04.09 UT. 11.4 kHz wide.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)