sabato 22 settembre 2018

Heusweiler, Saar MW masts demolished

The MW masts at Heusweiler, Germany, once used on 1422 kHz with 1200 kilowatts were demolished yesterday. This report from (translated from Dutch) includes link to film of the demolition:

On Friday evening the transmission masts for the medium wave were dismantled in the German Heusweiler. The masts were blown up around 7:30 PM.

The transmission masts in Heusweiler (Saarland) were put into operation in 1935. The Europawelle Saar program was broadcast for a large number of years via this channel at 1422 kHz. By using a very large capacity of up to 1200 kilowatts, the broadcasts of this programme could be heard in large parts of Europe.

Also in the former East Germany the channel was still to receive and was listened to a lot. From 1994 up to and including 2015, the national programme Deutschlandfunk was broadcast via this channel. From 2015, the broadcasts were stopped via the medium wave.

Radio is increasingly being listened to digitally and as a result it was no longer profitable to broadcast via the medium wave. The medium wave is no longer broadcast in Germany. Incidentally, there are still broadcasts on the long-wave from Germany. The French commercial radio station Europe 1 broadcasts at 183 kHz from Germany.

The "unemployed" radio masts were dismantled on Friday evening. Around 19.30 hours the connectors of the guy wires, which are connected to the transmitter mast, were blown up and the two transmitter 120 metre masts were destroyed. A small auxiliary mast in the neighbourhood was also blown up. In order to ensure that the dismantling is carried out safely, an adjacent highway was closed for a few hours.

The transmitter masts in Heusweiler were one of the last large masts that were used for medium wave transmissions and had not yet been dismantled. Earlier this year, radio masts were dismantled in Aholming, Donebach, Tannfeld and Nordkirchen.

Direct link to film on youtube:
(via Alan Pennington, Sept 22, bdxc-news iog via DXLD)