giovedì 17 maggio 2018

Adventist World Radio Meeting Elkhart

Dear Elkhart NASB Attendees,

Please accept my goodwill greetings for a successful and profitable NASB 2018 meeting at Elkhart right here in Indiana. I was indeed looking forward to attending and participating in this year's convention, and meeting again so many radio colleagues and friends, but this is not possible, due to recent medical issues for both myself and my wife. (My loving wife is just two weeks ahead of me in her own recovery from her own most recent hospitalization, and yet she is also supporting me on my return home. Additional support has come from our daughter and her husband and their two still-at-home daughters in Martinsville here in Indiana.) 

I am grateful for the successful removal of a nasty apple sized cancer in the colon that had long gone unnoticed. Preliminary recovery has been remarkably rapid and positive, though in the long term this continuation of progress might slow down a little. I am grateful that several hundred people have been praying for me (and for my wife also) in these medical circumstances, and due to Divine intervention (for which I am very grateful) I have experienced a buoyancy in all of these matters that I have never experienced before. 

In advance of NASB Elkhart, I had already begun preparation for the hour long Powerpoint presentation which would have included EARLY RADIO MEMORIES:

* A request from the Australian government for me to monitor Japanese Prisoner of War broadcasts on shortwave from Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong and Manila during the latter part of World War 2. 

* Monitoring of Voice of America broadcasts during the Pacific War from the American shortwave stations in California and Honolulu (together with a multitude of QSL cards in response!).

A second part of the Powerpoint presentation would have been my involvement in the early formative years of Adventist World Radio.

Allow me to express genuine gratitude to many, in these recent times:

* Jeff White and shortwave Radio Miami International WRMI for carrying the burden of producing the AWR DX program Wavescan and also providing lots of interesting information for the program at a time when I have been unable to do so. I express appreciation also to Ray Robinson of shortwave KVOH in Los Angeles and Voice of Hope in Zambia Africa for similar valuable input. Likewise, appreciation is due to Dr. Jerry Plummer of shortwave WWCR in Nashville in a similar role. The international shortwave cooperation that is evident in the preparation, production and broadcast of Wavescan is a splendid example of international relations on the part of four prominent shortwave broadcasting organizations: Adventist World Radio, WRMI, KVOH/VOH Africa and WWCR.

* I am grateful also to Dr. Dowell Chow, previous President for Adventist World Radio, in taking over and expanding his 20 minute presentation now into a full hour at NASB Elkhart. I am reminded of the full support of NASB on the part of AWR administrations over the past long many years, and the first "off-site" NASB meeting was held in the Adventist world headquarters building in Silver Spring Maryland several years ago. 

And again, best wishes to you all for another memorable NASB meeting,

Christian greetings,
Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
International Relations
Adventist World Radio
-- (Adrian M. Peterson, May 16, DX LISTENING DIGEST)