mercoledì 2 agosto 2017

Bits & Bleps - Shortwave Radio Service Testing

The new Shortwave Radio Service station just appeared on 6160 kHz at around 1528 UTC. They played a record by Yes and another record I couldn't identify, and then gave a few stations IDs, but then went off again at 1538 UTC.

Not a massive signal, but it was a strong as Channel 252 usually is here at this time of day in north west England, so it does look like they are finally testing.

(Alan Gale via dxld yg)

** GERMANY. New licensed station from Germany started 1 of August. The name of the station are Bits & Bleps

Shortwaveradio. Schedule are Monday-Saturday.
On 3975 12.00-14.00, 16.00-18.00 and 20.00-22.00.
On 6160 10.00-12.00, 14.00-16.00 and 18.00-20.00. All times are UTC. Address to the station are or (M Barraclough via Facebook via Dan Olsson, SW Bulletin July 30 via WORLD OF RADIO 1889, DXLD)