mercoledì 19 luglio 2017

Bonaire Set to Reach Millions More

TWR Global Update for July 2017

How big a deal is it that the Power Up campaign exceeded its fundraising goal? Imagine this image: thousands, or even millions, of TWR radio listeners across Latin America and the Caribbean cheering at the top of their lungs.  
That’s only an illustration, of course, but it’s one based on plenty of previous input from our listeners. When the Bonaire transmitter was reduced to 100,000 watts about 17 years ago, a potential audience of about 50 million still could tune in the signal, but TWR frequently received messages from others lamenting that they no longer could listen to the programs or could pick them up only sporadically.
“Our prayer is that TWR can regain the power that it once had so people in those distant places today can hear it once again,” one man wrote from Venezuela. A woman from the same country wrote, “Sometimes the signal comes, but very weakly. I am praying that we will be able to hear the signal from Bonaire like before.”
Pleas from them and many others are soon to receive an affirmative response now that TWR supporters have met the challenge and pledged over $3.8 million to more than quadruple Bonaire’s AM transmitter power. That means an additional 50 million people will have the opportunity to listen to daily gospel programming.

Read all about TWR CEO Lauren Libby’s exciting announcement that the three-year Power Up campaign goal has been met and surpassed.