domenica 14 maggio 2017

DRM Assembled in Switzerland

Digital Radio Mondiale General Assembly Concluded Successfully in Switzerland

13 May Posted at 11:23h in News, Press Releases by glo34ry

The DRM General Assembly ended by announcing that All India Radio, the
Indian public broadcaster, has now joined the Consortium and its
leading bodies.

This year's General Assembly reviewed the many and successful
developments of the past year and set the directions for 2017-2018 with emphasis on receivers and key markets in Asia and Africa.

Under the banner "Digital Radio Mondiale Delivers", the 2017 General
Assembly of the DRM Consortium took place on Wednesday 10th and
Thursday 11th of May in Baden, near Zurich, Switzerland, being hosted
by the industrial company and key Consortium member Ampegon.

The exclusive General Assembly meeting for members only on Wednesday,
May 10th in the morning reviewed the major developments in DRM, updates on technical developments, receivers, cooperation with international organisations and specific developments as reported by some of the key members like Fraunhofer IIS, NXP, Radio France International, BBC, Nautel, Ampegon, RFmondial etc. The open DRM sessions had special addresses from the representatives of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) and BBC. The open session had two major headings: key DRM countries.

This was illustrated with reports from local representatives in India,
Pakistan, Germany, Southern Africa and Brazil. The other major topic
was the development of several types of DRM receivers. The news on
several car models launched this year in India and carrying standard
DRM receivers was greeted with interest. Equally impressive was the
presentation of the software defined multi-standard receiver, Titus II, and the latest developments of receivers like Avion and Gospell, as well as the plans of companies in South Korea and the UK.

The available receivers were put to good use on both days when Babcock
facilitated a live BBC transmission from the UK. On Thursday
participants were linked to the Babcock engineers at the Woofferton
transmission site in south-west England while the signals were on air.

For the coming year, the DRM Consortium will consolidate its work in
markets like India, Indonesia, other Asian countries and Southern
Africa. In parallel it will vigorously pursue receiver developments,
preferably as multi-standard offers, and will pay particular attention
to the automobile segment.

For Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, the General Assembly was more than a moment to take stock. "It was a celebration of success in countries
like India. It was also a moment to review the excellent DRM progress
in other key countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, and
acknowledge the interest shown for DRM in some African countries,
Russia and other Asian countries. The fact that there are already
ingenious standalone and car receivers featuring DRM gives confidence
in DRM and the ultimate success of digital radio all over the world."

After the General Assembly, some of the DRM members and experts made
their way to Indonesia where together with RRI they will carry out a
DRM for local coverage demo and will present an update on the full
benefits of DRM for both wide and local coverage (DRM PR via Mike Cooper, DXLD)

?? Surprised India is just now joining, since it`s the major country endorsing and implementing DRM on MW. Successful? Still negligible acceptance worldwide, especially on SW. Calling it a ``General Assembly`` is rather grandiose.

There will be a session about DRM Wed May 17 at 2-5 pm PDT [21-24 UT] at NASB in Simi Valley --- but don`t expect to hear it on KVOH! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)