sabato 15 aprile 2017

Restoring Radio Australia's shortwave

Wireless Institute of Australia
April 16, 2017

Radio Australia's shortwave service may have gone off air in January but shortwave radio proponents say it's not dead yet. 

In fact say based in the sleepy little town of Innisfail in North Queensland a NEW SHORTWAVE SERVICE IS BEING DEVELOPED: 

In May 2017 Radio 4KZ Innisfail is said to commence transmis sion on 5055 kHz between 4pm and about 9am seven days a week running 1.5kw into an inverted V antenna and will be a full simulcast of commercial outlet 4KZ AM/FM 

It expected that the service will provide satisfactory coverage to remote areas of the Cape where there are no AM or FM services available. 

Al Kirton General manager NQ Radio, known as VK4FFKZ on the Ham Bands is the 'genius' behind this plan to bring Radio again to the North of Australia. wave

(via Mike Terry via dxld yg)